French Revolution?

Hello I need some fast, quick information on the French Revolution, thanks..

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    The French Revolution was a time of political and social change which was caused by the priveleges to the Roman Catholic Church and aristocracy. At the time of the French Revolution the Catholic Church was levying a tax on crops despite the famine and high unemployment and bread prices.

    The French people was also disgruntled at the expenditure of Louise XVI and Marie-Antoinette (the current Monarchy at the time).

    It was also cause by the hatred of a Papacy-ruled state, the resentment of the Monarchy for firing numerous financial advisers who fought for the lower-class people as well as several higher-class merchants in general and the aspiration for liberty,

    The trigger for the revolution was the King's continual inability to solve the worsening situation of France. In February 1787, his financial minister 'Charles Alexandre de Calonne' covened a Assembly of Nobles to address a new tax. However the assembly disapprove and instead wanted the King to call a Estate-General

    On June 20 1789, the King called a National assembly where they swore the Tennis Court Oath (named after a Tennis Court nearby) where they agree not to separate until they had drawn up a constitution. On the 9th of July, the National Assembly remade themselves as the 'National Constituent Assembly'

    However on the 11th of July (yes the day the 7th Potter movie was released) Necker was fired from the court when he suggested a more conservative budget for the monarchy. Bad move, Louise that led to rioting and insurgency in a event known as the Storming of Bastille. Necker was recalled to power but he quickly proved incompetent as well.

    And on the 4th of August 1789, the National Constituent Assembly published the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (French: La Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du citoyen) and modelled i after the American 'Declaration of Independence. Soon after that Louise and Marie-Antoinette got their heads guillotined.

    And in 1790, a Legislation was drawn to prevent the Church from levying a tax. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy employed the remaining clergies.

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    It started in 1789, triggered by widespread hunger and too much taxes on the paying population which happened to be a majority of peasants.

    At first it was only a revolt against royalty as was as the French asked for a royalty answerable to the French and a fairer share of taxes and power, then against royalty itself when the other countries rose against France and the King tried to escape to reach the attackers.

    The king was beheaded, as well as his wife. His heir died in prison.

    It went from a nearly bloodless revolution to a terrifyingly bloody one, with nobles and enemies of the nation being beheaded, revolts crushed in other areas of France.

    Then when the worst exactions ended and things quieted down, Napoleon came and his coup gave him power. He later declared himself emperor.

    That a very quick synopsis of course.

    For dates you have Wikipedia of course or any other site.

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