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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Big dog vs little dogs?

I have six animals, three cats, two chihuahuas, and I just rescued a puppy lab/husky mix. I brought Ghost (lab/husky mix) home today, and my two chihuahua's are attacking Ghost, I know this happens but I just need some advise and insight on something like this. Will they eventually get along? Oh yeah, I havent seen my cats all day!!!

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    Chihuaha's are, for better words, kind of annoying so it may be that they are just pushing the dogs limits. If they dont quit in a couple days then you may have to persuade to submit to the new dog. When a dog submits, it will expose its belly to the other dog by laying on its back. If they dont do this, catch the chihuahas in the act of attack then lay them on their back in front of the lab mix. Carefully

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Chihuahuas don't like big dogs or cats either unless they are raised with them. Believe me I know after owning them for 30+ yr and raising them for 9. They may learn to like them given enough time. One thing you need to do is to not leave the chis and the pup alone together. Even tho the chis are the aggressor, if the pup gets tired of their "attacks" and starts fighting back, he could kill the chis. The cats may be just hiding if they haven't been around a big dog before.

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    5 years ago

    i've got had a husky, they seem to be a handful! they are additionally often Alpha canines, they are ultimate suited to play with an person-friendly going canines like a lab or a golden. ALL canines are services to predatory-flow, I in basic terms witnessed a husky at our canines park enter the park and pass finished rigidity at a small canines, and shake it, injuring it enormously badly (the toddler became coated in blood and had to be rushed to the animal well-being middle) The Husky proprietor insisted that she has on no account seen her canines do something like that in the past and has been around small canines in the past, you on no account recognize what is going to set it off from the San Francisco SPCA Predatory flow Even canines which at the instant are not frequently into searching-variety events would have predatory reflexes led to if the placement is close adequate to a predator-prey interplay. a stable occasion is whilst one canines flees from yet another. The today taking flight animal sounds like prey. yet another occasion is whilst a doggie argument happens and one canines panics and starts off to vocalize or war like a prey animal. A predatory reflex in the different canines would then kick in. whilst this occurs, it’s noted as predatory flow – what began as a social interplay drifted right into a predator-prey interplay. Predatory flow in many situations ends up in extreme injuries or dying to the canines it truly is suffering and panicking. that is as a results of fact the preykilling reflex is a miles extra extreme form of chew – usually a grab and shake - than that which happens in a universal dogfight. the prospect of predatory flow is a great deal larger whilst there is an substantial length distinction between the two canines arguing. for this reason, all interactions between very great and intensely small canines must be heavily supervised, exceptionally if there is reason to anticipate any arguing. the prospect is going larger nevertheless if the smaller canines is services to panic and/or the bigger canines has shown any predatory propensities. because of this danger, The SF/SPCA makes use of a “50% rule” in its adoption coverage – the smaller of two canines must be a minimum of a million/2 the burden of the bigger canines.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Little dogs do not like big dogs to much!

    Source(s): Having an Akita(big) an a Cockapoo(small)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    very big mistake to take a strange dog home and introduce your pets on THEIR own territory,, you should have introduced them in neutral territory (park, street, etc.) and walked them home all together....

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