I want to get a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond, people told me to go to Route 218,and use Pokeradar ?

I dont understand can someone PLEASE clarify what Pokeradar is, and how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, that person is 100% right.

    If you want ditto, you have to beat the elite four, get the new dex, and get the pokeradar.

    Then go to route 218 (Which is the side of Canalave City and near the yellow haired dude) Get on the grass and use the pokeradar keep trying until ditto appears. It took me up to 15 trys. I don't recommend using Ditto in a battle but Ditto is a have-to-get-pokemon. It can breed to ANY POKEMON exept legendarys.

    Source(s): To get the Pokeradar, talk to Professer Rowan after you filled in your sinnou dex. Then he should just MAGICLY give you the pokeradar :O You can talk to Lucas/Dawn for information if you want
  • 1 decade ago

    when u beat the sinnoh dex u to upgrade yo dex and professor rowan gives u a pokeradar,it used to show where pokemon are hiding in grass when u r in the grass where pokemon is,if u dont wanna catcha ditto it might be hard to get cuz it rare,go migrate it from fire red

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