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Was England a "Christian Nation" when they BANNED all Jews from entering for 300 years ?

Jews were banned from entering BRITIAN for 300 years, until Oliver Cromwell allowed their return.

In the Middle Ages, lending money with interest - usury - was considered a sin and forbidden to Christians. But medieval monarchs found it useful that Jews were allowed to engage in the practice. The outsiders financed royal consumption, adventures and wars - and made themselves rich in the process. By 1168, the value of the personal property of the Jews (around £60,000) was regarded as a quarter of the entire wealth of England. And when Aaron of Lincoln died not long after - all property obtained by usury passing to the king on the death of the usurer - Henry II inherited the then massive sum of £15,000.

During Henry II's reign, Jews lived on good terms with their Christian neighbours. They helped fund a large number of the abbeys and monasteries and were allowed to take refuge there in times of commotion which came from time to time for religious or commercial reasons.

They needed the refuge. Clerics and Popes routinely stirred up ill-feeling against the Jews as the "killers of Christ". Ill will was fed by the Crusades, in which the Jews were as much a target of the righteous sword-wielders as were the infidel Saracens(Muslims). One of the most popular - and heinous - myths was that known by Jews as "the blood libel", which appears to have originated in England in an accusation against one William of Norwich in 1144.

It suggested that he and other Jews killed a young Christian boy to use his blood in the ritual preparation of unleavened bread for the Passover ritual - a claim which spread from England to France and Spain and throughout Europe in medieval times and which resurfaced in Nazi propaganda in the 20th century.

In 1218, in what became the precursor of anti-Jewish laws all over the world, Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, made Jews wear a badge - an oblong white patch of two finger-lengths by four - to identify them. Barons, to whom Jews lent money, encouraged the mob responses to such claims, in which Jewish homes were ransacked and records of their debts were destroyed.

At the end of the 12th century, as part of an epidemic of religious fervour during preparations for Richard the Lionheart's Third Crusade against the Saracens, massacres of Jews were staged at Stamford fair, in Bury St Edmunds and, most notoriously, in York. In 1190 the city's Jews were given refuge in Clifford's Tower at York Castle only to be besieged by a mob demanding they convert to Christianity. Most of those inside committed suicide; those who surrendered were slaughtered. By 1290 the inevitable happened when Edward I - who had found an alternative source of finance in the Italian merchants known as the "pope's usurers" - banished the Jews from England.

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    Christians have told me that it wasn't "real" Christians who did such things. "Real" Christians would never commit such atrocities as the Holocaust, etc. None of those Europeans that participated with the Nazis, or allowed others to be tortured were "real" Christians. I'm not sure why they insist on calling nations "Christian" when they insist on distinguishing between the "real" and the "fake." Is there a "Christian" culture anywhere on earth that hasn't committed atrocities? How long will it take those "real" Christians to create peace? Why do they wait for "Christ's return?" If the messiah's purpose is to bring peace on earth, why don't they work toward that goal to "prove" he's been here?


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    It's still a Christian country today. There's no separation of church and state - the Archbishop of Canterbury is appointed by the Prime Minister, and the Church of England is the official state religion. However, we have far fewer fundamentalist Christians and much more religious tolerance than our cousins across the pond. Hardly anyone goes to church regularly here, and nobody even thinks of erecting giant statues of the Ten Commandments. Personally I think it's because we've made religion so bland and governmental people are put off.

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    England has a history of anti-Jewish laws, general and often violent anti-Semitism.

    Including what you've mentioned,

    from the Clifford's Tower Massacre in 1190, to their closing off Jews' escape routes during the Holocaust,

    to today's BBC and its hate-filled spreading of propaganda about Israel.

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    yes we get it. Jews are good and innocent while white "aryan" anglo-saxons are trash and the worse of the world. we understand....

    you know the world would be so much better if there were no europeans right?

    your right my indian third world friend. Screw white people!

    Source(s): sarcastic for idiots that can't tell.
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    Christians hate other religions and are not to tolerate other religions so yeah, banning Jews and killing Jews is a Christian trait.

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    What you say is true but this is against TOS unless you make up a question for this.

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    I wish people would stop saying that there is no seperation of church and state in England. YES THERE BLOODY WELL IS!!!!!

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