What day does the Google Adsense EFT payment go through?

If anyone has a google adsense account, that is signed up for the bank transfer to recieve payment.; What day does that normally clear in your account? I know it might not be the same but I just want an idea the 25th? 15th?..

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to the Adsense Consultant's blog at:


    she has posted a lot about that very thing.

    According to Adsense they need all of your correct information by the 15th of each month because after that is when they start to "process" the payments. Don't ask me exactly what that is because I don't know. As far as I can see from different people posting you should expect a payment somewhere between the 21st and 25th of the month. Mind you that's on average. Last month people didn't get paid until the 27th! And someone posted that that probably had to do with it being the last Tuesday of the month. Now for this month of July the last Tuesday of the month is the last day of the month so one can only keep their fingers crossed that their payment will come before then!

    As far as to when it clears it can clear as soon as the next day - as long as that next day isn't a weekend or holiday

    see what I mean.

    But if you have been using adsense for a while you can get a general idea of the average payment date by looking at your account.

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