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Who should be the next president of pakistan?

Pervez Musharraf should now step down as president.A dictator can never learn to rule a country. His mind is not meant for politics, it's only meant for destruction and chaos.I think imran khan would be a good choice but that will only remain a dream because he doesn't have support of the masses. Which party are you voting for and that is if u are voting at all.

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    Definitely!! I was thinking about Imran Khan becoming the president. I mean, he's a really good option for Pakistan. The problem is that if he comes into power, MQM will definitely start some chaos or something in Karachi -- because they're against him so much. They think he's an adulterer (they don't even know what that mean).

    Another problem is, as you say, that he doesn't have the support of the masses. I guess I'll vote for someone like MMA. I'm scared of letting Nawaz Sharif or anybody old come back into power. If they were really that good, they wouldn't have been overthrown. I guess all we can say God help Pakistan.

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    If Musharraf leaves his post, it may mean big trouble for the United States. Pakistan has been least outwardly...and they have vowed to help weed out terrorists, even though Musharraf doesn't seem to have much control over the mountainous regions.

    I understand that the group fighting now is an Islamic fundamentalist group. If they win power, will that mean they will not be friendly to America?

    I don't know much about Pakistani politics, but it would be nice if the two countries could remain friends. I just don't know what will happen to our relationship if Musharraf leaves or is ousted.

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    positioned up info no longer the standard rant. i might think of and need that countries must be allowed to unravel their own problems with out intervention or bullying from something of the international. besides the day everybody needs political suggestion from the Irish is an afternoon they could besides supply up wish. i discover it humorous that such self proclaimed specialists on "each thing" that we've right here don't comprehend who Imran Khan is.

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    Justice Choudhary.

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    Does this help ? The military holds sway. Why do u need a election and spend billions to elect a dictator ? God help us.

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    Someone has got to chime in and say: Ron Paul!

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    he is not dictator,he is a good man who fights fanatics,anyway,if you hate him,benazir fits in this job

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