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can u?????

Can u be addicted to cutting yourself?? and if you can, how do u know if you are??


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    yes u can, its called self infliction. they also have a name for "cutters" but i cant think of it. u will know if u have a problem if u cut urself to release any pain that u are feeling and u feel good doing it. u will want to cut urslef to escape whatever problem(s) u are going through and it supposeldy makes u feel better......please speak to someone if u feel u have this problem. this is not healthy at all. u need to try to open up to someone and tell whoever u trust the most whats going on with u. some people also do it just to see the blood.

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    yes, you can ,but this is more of a psychological problem than an addiction. you need to get to hospital ER or at the very least a doctor. please hon do it asap. you can cause other problems like infection. you dont want to lose a body part do you? you are probably suffering from depression and it can be treated , but you have to take the first step and tell someone! do it right now OK?

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    Why in the world would I cut myself!?!


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    Can't "oo" spell?

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