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I hate yogurt but want all the good bacteria. Yogurt fruit snacks are gross. Is there some alternative?

I hate the taste and the texture. I hate all flavors. I hate the whipped delights. I don't even like yogurt fruit snacks or smoothie drinks. I wish there was another way to get all the good stuff my body needs from yogurt, and not have to try to stomach the yogurt itself! Maybe there are recipes using yogurt that you can't really tell, or alternative foods or supplements one could take?

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    I have had to use probiotics in the past after taking antibiotics. These are far better than yogurt to help maintain the bacterial balance in your body! The best one that I have tried is by New Chapter called "AllFlora" and is usually found in the refrigerated section of health and/or vitamin stores.

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    I always thought the Dannon commercials were a clever marketing gimmick. (Kinda like the "Eat dairy, lose weight" claim. Funny, I lost weight AFTER I cut out dairy.) If one read between the lines of the old commercials, the people were eating poorly and not taking proper care of themselves. No wonder they felt horrible.

    The other day, I read this article, "Good Bacteria Welcome" in "Experience Life" magazine. ( ) The section, Silent Enemies, discusses the antibiotics (which I hadn't thought about) and what one is and isn't eating.

    I think the current issue of "Alternative Medicine" also has an article on this too, this month. I read them both the other day, as long with a couple of other magazines, so I'm not sure. It could have also been an older issue (from the past few months) of "Today's Diet and Nutrition". However, the ariticle I provided is also quite informative.

    As for me, being vegan, I don't do yogurt. (Though I've heard or read that there are soy yogurts with the probiotics in them.) However, I just eat a good, strong diet of whole foods and plenty of fiber. I don't worry about being irregular. (Even pregnancy is supposed to cause constipation, but I've not had that problem yet and I'm six months along.)

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    Yogurt, Activia Vanilla

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    Yes you can go to GNC or your local vitamin shop and get probiotics. Which are what the good bacteria are called. They will give you the good bacteria that you need.

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    Acidophilus is the key. You can buy it in pill form at any number of stores that sell vitamins and such. GNC has it here:

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    try this cool smoothie recipe

    -one package of strawberry yougurt

    - a cup of strawberries

    -a banana

    mix in a blender, also ...

    you can subsitute straberries for raspberries

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    You can buy acidophilus pills at the drug store. They are with the vitamins.

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    have you ever tried the granola and yogurt or chocolate chips with yogurt?

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