What about this?... no fly lists and regulations for perfume and cologne or beeping Blackberrys?

A smell detector when entering a plane...I find the disgusting smell of perfumes and colognes more offensive than a baby repeating something over and over or even general body odour..and the annoyance of beeping computers..seems there are rights of some that should be curtailed..but wait...these are products that are part of the economy and baby noises are not...go figure.

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    1 decade ago
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    Fragrance is in the nose of the beholder..........BO and perfumes included, but thank goodness I am not blessed with an overactive sense of smell (or allergies). Guess I have the tendency to tune things out- a book often helps, so I am often blissfully unaware of beeps, buzzing, and chattering babies. That baby story was too weird- if true, the flight attendant who complained to the mother needs to be retrained or reassigned, if not fired.

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    That stuff was invented to cover the smell of people who didn't bathe it all smells yukky iwold rather have BO than smell like a French whore on Dollar day

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    all's well that ends well''

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    1 decade ago

    you are obviously not married.

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