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Vlad for Torii Hunter and Isringhausen?

i'm really trying to get vladimir guerrero for the second half of the season so im offering this trade. torii hunter and jason isringhausen is this too much? to little?

I have Huston Street and Lidge coming off the dl so i have plenty of saves.

this is my offense roster. what changes should i make to get more power. i'm first in my $$ league so i dont want to mess it up. lol.

c- johnny estrada

1b- kevin youkilis

2b- chase ultey

3b- david wright

ss-johhny peralta

of- torii hunter, corey hart, eric byrnes

ult- jeff francoeur

bn-carlos delgado, brad hawpe

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    personally i think it maybe too little, vlad is a top 5 outfielder no matter what year it is,and i just do not think that hunter and isringhausen would be able to bring him in for you. Depending on how much the person you are trading with knows baseball id expect a counter offer from him that includes delgado with torii hunter and maybe instead of isringhausen, street. Or if they have a surplus at outfield they may want to offer you wright for vlad and in that case i would not do that..Try looking to see what the other person is weak in, they maybe willing to give up vlad for less if they are getting a position that they werent that solid in before..Good luck with your league and i hope everything works out for ya...(just dont trade away anyone really good just for vlad)...also you may be able to buy ryan howard low at the moment beceause of his terrible average...if you can put up w/ that his homer numbers are steadily increasing and will help you there.

    PS you may wanna find a way to get delgado in and hawpe if you are looking for more power and want to fix it internally....(look at pitching match-ups vs ur bench players to see which players are good against which pitchers and start them/bench them based on if theyre known to be good vs those pitchers)

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    I think its too little for Vladimir Guerrero.Maybe you should try offering Torii Hunter and possibly Carlos Delgado. Because once this one guy in my league offered me Roger Clemens, Bobby Abreu, and Dan Wheeler just for Carl Crawford. Good Luck!

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