The Quaran refers to buddha as a prophet. Does this mean muslims should account fo Buddha as a prophet?

However, muslims believe that over the years the religion of Buddhism,Judaism and christianity have been corrupted by man and hence islam has distend itself from these faiths. Doesn't this illustrate islam as a universal religion?


In the list of prophets who are specifically mentioned, there are certain names which do not seem to belong to the prophets of Israel. Many commentators therefore are inclined to believe that they are non-Arab prophets who are included in the list just for the sake of representation of the outer world. For instance, Dhul-Kifl is one name in the list of prophets which is unheard of in the Arab or Semitic references. Some scholars seem to have traced this name to Buddha, who was of Kapeel, which was the capital of a small state situated on the border of India and Nepal. Buddha not only belonged to Kapeel, but was many a time referred to as being 'Of Kapeel'. This is exactly what is meant by the word 'Dhul-Kifl'. It should be remembered that the consonant 'p' is not present in Arabic, and the nearest one to it is 'fa'. Hence, Kapeel transliterated into Arabic becomes Kifl.

Apart from the evidence of the Quran, there is one reference which is controversial among the commentators.

Update 2:

There is a tradition reported from the Holy Prophet (sa) which speaks of an Indian prophet by name. In his words:

There was a prophet of God in India who was dark in colour and his name was Kahan.1

Now anyone acquainted with the history of Indian religions would immediately connect this description to Lord Krishna, who is invariably described in the Hindu literature as being dark of complexion. Also, the title Kanhaya is added to his name Krishna. Kanhaya contains the same consonants K,N,H as does the name Kahan -- in no way an insignificant similarity. But whether any non-Arab prophet was mentioned by name or not is only an academic discussion. There is no denying the fact that the Holy Quran makes it incumbent on every Muslim not only to believe in all the prophets, but it also clearly informs us that in every region of the world and in every age, God did raise messengers and prophets.


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    Hi Great question by the way. In my studies I do know that it is in fact mentioned twice. Islamic scholars have asserted that the Prophet Dh'ul Kifl--the "man from Kifl"--mentioned twice in the Qur'an, refers to the Buddha, with Kifl being the Arabic rendering of the name of Buddha's native kingdom, Kapilavastu. The Qur'an stated that the followers of Dh'ul Kifl are righteous people.Many, Many deni that this is who that person is. But the schoolors and some old timers do admit and state yes it is true.

    They feel only that they are a righteous people. They did not see them as a corrupted people back then. Mohammed, "the Praised One", the prophet of Islam and the founder of Mohammedanism, was born at Mecca (20 August?) A.D. 570.

    I thought it was a universal religion long ago. o.0

    Source(s): "And (remember) Ismail (Ishmael) and Idris (Enoch) and Dhul-Kifl, all were from among those who observe patience." Surah 21: 85-86 "And remember Ismail and Al-Yasa (Elisha) and Dhul-Kifl, and they were all of the best." Surah 38:48.
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    Dear Sunshine - the Buddha is NOT worshiped as a G-d. The Buddha was a teacher who admonished his students not to worship him as a G-d or to consider him as a prophet, and in fact to question his teaching and make decisions based on careful contemplation and skillful insight. Whether other faiths consider the Buddha a prophet should be of no relevance, but rather the teachings of kindness and compassion, tolerance and respect for all beings is the important thing.

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    Allah has created humans with the capacity of being messengers of peace or destroyers of faith - Any human being has the potential of becoming a messenger not a prophet - Prophets were directly sent to earth with a specific message and accurate teachings that would guide humanity and prepare us for the after life - Buddha was not a prophet but a an extra ordinary man who had a message in his heart and this message was written in the universe by the only creator and all mighty Allah - His message was peace

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    Buddha In Islam

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  • prophet means messenger of god.but Buddhism does not talk on any god but intelligence of human being to realize truth and see the do not have to believe any thing without proper may question Buddha even. as such Buddha is not a prophet but extra ordinary human being

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    My opinion is that many of the worlds religions at one time expounded the principles of Islam. Over the course of time, however, those who are in charge of translating, teaching, and keeping the knowledge of these beliefs pure have foundered. Personal weakness, the idea of personal gain, forgetfulness, and personal opinion have transpired to corrupt these teachings. In their true, original form, these religions may have very well been inspired by Allah (swt), but only the Glorious Quran has been kept utterly intact and unchanged since its inception, therefore, only it is the true message of its, and our, Creator

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    I have read Quran I think more than 3 times already and there is no place where Buddha is mentioned.

    Be careful, I know there are some fake Qurans out there.

    U can trust in this link

    And nooo, he is not prophet. And yes islam is a universal religion.

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    I have never heard or seen the quran referring to buhda as a prophet. Secondly there is no such thing as a universal religion. Its just what you believe to be the right religion, is the right religion.

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    that doesn't even make sense....buddha isn't a prophet....hes just a guy that learned how to become COMPLETELY enlightened...(free of physical needs in the world). there are no gods to worship in buddhism and the religion isn't about worshiping a god or how can he be a prophet??

    the religions are TOO DIFFERENT to relate to one another....

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    islam is not just a religion but away of respect towards all mankind regardless of,religion.,etc etc it sets certain levels and standards for a humainbeing in how he/she conducts themselves in daily living etc etc

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