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What is house music?

my friend said she really is loving house music at the moment and she will lend me some of her cds which are house music. what is house music exactly?

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    House music is techno-like dance music. I used to go to raves and big music festivals years ago and thats when I started listening to house music! I sent you a sample of Bad Boy Bill house music called Stomp to the Beat. Hope it works and you like it!

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    It's hard-hitting dance music. With big, energetic beats, but also with a hip hop feel. It's done with computers/mixing. The beats usually build up to a climax then goes full blast. The songs have a good positive vibe most of the time, maybe some light vocals. Your friend has good taste!

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    Old Skool.

    Its a term for a style of music that came out in both Chicago and London at roughly the same time in the 80's. It was considered the cool "Underground" sound, up until it started to go mainstream (get radio play) later in the same decade.

    It has changed and grown over the years incorporating new developments in electronic music instruments and editing software like Reason, Cool Edit Pro and the Steinberg suite, to name a few.

    If you wanna check it out while your online, goto, scroll down to the "house" option... Plug in your headphones or speakers(better), click on either the Winamp or Win media player and enjoy...

    I love my house. A bit of "Vocal trance" goes well with my coffee in the morning too.

    Source(s): My all time favorite track is called "Halcyon and on" by Orbital. You can see and hear it on You tube
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