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Topics for a process analysis paper for College English course?

Interesting topics for my next paper for college level English? Serious non joking topics, please.

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    American Lit:

    -Symbolism and imagery in Native American tales

    -The truth behind Captivity narratives (native americans kidnapping whites)

    -Toni Morrison's controversial "Playing in the Dark", do you agree?

    -Was Mark Twain a racist?

    -Thomas Jefferson: anti-interracial marriage in his "Notes on the State of Virginia" in light of known slave/mistress, Sallie Hemmings

    -Edgar Allen Poe's substance abuse: Comparing common drug-induced hallucinations with images in his prose and poetry.

    Lesbians and vampires in Henry James' The Bostonians

    Brit Lit:

    The evil older sister: Charlotte Bronte revealed!

    Rape, suicide, and dead-beat dads in Thomas Hardy

    Dirty jokes in Gullivers Travels

    Dirty jokes in Romeo and Juliet (Rated M for mature)

    Did Shakespeare kill Christopher Marlowe?

    Jane Austen vs. the Prince of Wales: The publication of Emma

    The piles of poo in Dickens' Our Mutual Friend

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    i think of that Existentialism in writing is merely too huge, in case you have been to apply that essay topic you ought to narrow all of it the way down to a undeniable text cloth, or texts. out of your matters, i could elect the two the assessment of Macbeth and Hamlet--perchance with the aid of examining each and each of their tragic flaws, and how then the two texts are tragic. I additionally like the narrowness of "matters in the poetry of Robert Frost". i could grant some further concepts, yet i'm unsure what you have study or what you're rather fascinated in. possibly, learn the way Arthur Miller depicts the "American Dream" in "loss of life of a salesperson", and ,perchance upload yet another American text cloth. Or, concentration on alienation and isolation in present day texts or poems--inclusive of: something with the aid of T.S. Eliot, or Kafka. solid success.

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    If you need a long paper do it on the process of rebuilding an engine.

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