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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Where is the cheapest place to find a Dyson vacuum cleaner? I missed out on a sale at HomeDepot and am kicking myself for it! Anyone know someplace good?? They usually retail for $399.


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    My husband and I own a housecleaning company and sometimes our customers request we use their personal vacuums as opposed to the one we supply when we clean. We have used Dyson's on several occasions, and personally, they are completely overrated. The suction seems to be good, however, so are most vacuums nowadays. It is also complicated to unhook the hose/nozzle and the nozzle is so long, it is impossible to angle it into small areas. It is heavy as well. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone (and for the record, don't buy into an Oreck either - they are even worse and are just as expensive).

    For our company, we use the Eureka Smart Boss. It was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports and has the Good Housekeeping Seal (something Dyson doesn't have). It's suction is great, the hose is easy to manuver, and it has a sealed Hepa Filter. The only con about it is the weight but then again, most vacuums do weigh around 20 pounds. There is also a new vacuum Eureka came out with recently called the Eureka Capture. It looks like it will be a good vacuum as well and it looks stylish coming in three different colors.

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    The Dyson DC04 is one of the lower priced vacuums from this manufacturer at around $250. This was also the first upright vacuum that had a clutch system on the carpet cleaning brush. This mechanism allows for the brush to stop automatically if an object becomes obstructed in the roller. No more melting the power band. This unit has a 1200 watt motor that is never clogged. The tank capacity is 1.06 gallons and the cord is 27 ½ feet long. Best of all, it is equipped with a HEPA filter for cleaner breathing by the user.

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    Dyson's don't perform as well as many much lower priced vacuums according to Consumer Reports. They rate them just middle of the pack with much better vacuums for less money (Kenmore Progressive with Direct Drive, Hoover Windtunnel, Eureka Boss Smart, Riccar Supralite).

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    I've owned a Dyson.

    I am going to be completely honest with you about the Dyson. You know how they advertise that they "won't lose suction"....well that is true....but the Dyson doesn't have that great of suction in the first place. There are better vacuums for a better price.

    Good Luck.

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    If you open up a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, you can get 10% off and then there is no interest and no payments for 6 months.

    Otherwise try ebay.

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    I agree with lici. My mother has owned her own cleaning business for 25 years and she said they were the worst vacuums she has ever used. She swares by her Hoover! Good Luck.

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    Thanx 2 every1 4 yr coms. Heaps helpful. Wont b falling in2 a very expensive trap!

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    Check out Costco.

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