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I am interested in becoming a real estate agent/foreclosure specialist?

I am interested in becoming a licensed real estate/foreclosure specialist. However, at this time funds are very limited to take any courses. Any suggestions on how I can become a licensed agent in Michigan on a limited budget?

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    Look in the local papers under the classified section. Most major Brokerage firms like Coldwell, Keller WIlliams, B & W, Stark, Realty Executives, and so on offer free classes in hopes to recruit new agents. You need to interview carefully with whom to hang your license, it can get quite expensive. Ask the broker on how you can put your license in a holding tank until you can afford the monthly fees associated with being a Realtor. Foreclosures are a beast in it's own nature. I would suggest finding a good local mentor that knows the laws and the process. There are real estate investment clubs all over the country where you could find a mentor and start networking. You can start your basic search with google and narrow it down from there.

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    you do not might desire to be 21, or a minimum of not in some states. I won my actual sources license on the age of nineteen and have been/and could be working as an "assistant" till this summer whilst i will initiate being an entire time actual sources agent. maximum probable a business business enterprise will take you in, yet shop in mind that promoting "high priced homes" and gaining "admire" would be greater sturdy than you initially imagined, particularly while you're basically promoting as an factor activity.

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