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Elder Scrolls Oblivion, selling goods help, please?

i need to gain some money, and i have all these expensive items i have found in caves and etc. but when i try to sell them most of the people do not have enough money to but them, and when they do they will not give me a good price on them. anyone know of a character who has a lot of money and will give a good price? thanks for your help in advance

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    The Imperiel City is the best place to sell items...Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Market District have 1000 gold to buy with...

    Try also Northern Trade Goods (Talk to either Dar-Ma or Seed-Neus), I believe they have a little bit more than usual as well.

    Your best bet is going to be to haggle down, IE sell for less than its worth and buy for more. Really there isnt too much you can do. You get expensive Items, you either use them or sell them for the little you can.

    If anyone can prove me wrong, please let me know! I struggle with this ALL the FREEKIN TIME!!!

    Thanks, and good luck!


    Source(s): Hours of playing Oblivion
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    My mercantile is at 100% and I have sold rather expensive items in the Imperial City Marketplace, in most of the shops. Smaller towns often have merchants with less gold.

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