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Why is it "Rude?"?

Try writing out a question in full out capital letters, and the try to submit it! It says,

"Don't do all caps.

It's rude."


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    Well, in a texting/typing situation you can't hear what that person is saying, but caps specify raised voices. If you are new to the internet, you should try doing a google search for "netiquette", it will help you get a general grasp of things.

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    In the Netiquette, particularly in chat rooms, THIS IS "SHOUTING" and is therefore considered rude. In fact, other chatters may chide you for that.

    However, no one chides a chatter who uses bold, large and texture-colored fonts to catch the attention of others.

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    Many people consider all-caps to be shouting. It is difficult to interpret tone of voice over the internet, so many people think it is rude to use all-caps.

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    iam not sure why the serivces arent allowing you use big letters maybe they only want you use small capital letters in all youre sentences . well maybe next time you should watch out what you say on the answer .

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    Well, it's because all caps represent shouting. and notice what you said in your caps?? yup! Rude!

  • Rommie
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    1 decade ago

    I don't see how putting a question in all caps rude. I would have put all my questions in all caps if Yahoo let me. :(

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    On the Internet, all caps are considered SHOUTING.

    It's also harder to read.

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    ya i know its freakin stupiod caps r in right now so htey should just let us do it it makes it more dramatic

  • rawr.
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    in a way, it means that ur rasing ur voice, which can be offensive to some people

    but i think its ok

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