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I am looking for a list of old fashioned nicknames for the name Richard?

many years ago, I remember seeing comic strip in the news paper with the trivia info about the name Richard and the nicknames that were associated with it back in the Elizabethan era (and medieval era)

These were nicnames that were odd and had no similarities with the name Richard... one that I specifically remember is "HUDDE"... there were others that I cannot recall

Now, I am working on my family tree and have come across what appears to be the same person... only in one listing he is Richard and in the other he is called Zetic (or Zedock, Zedoc)

I am trying to locate a connection between these two names...

Does anyone know if there is one...

Is Zetic (Zadoc, or Zadock or any other spelling of this name) an old fashioned nickname for Richard...

I would really appreciate any help with this...



I am NOT looking for the common forms of the nicknames... Please... only someone who knows of the older forms... back to ancient times even...I know there are unusual nicknames attached to the name Richard... I just cannot locate them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Richard gave up the nicknames Rick,Dick and Hick, Dickon, Dickens, Dicken, Dirk, Diederik (dutch form of the name, popular in England) .

    Dick IS the mideival form of the nickname for Richard, in english.


    RICK: Diminutive of Richard, "hardy ruler," and sometimes Derek, "ruler of the people," Eric, "ever-ruling," and Frederick, "peaceful ruler." Variant, Rik, exists. Diminutive is Ricky.

    Higgs is a variation of the English surname Hick, from the medieval given name Hicke, which was a pet form of the name Richard. The Norman pronunciation of the R gave the English trouble, so they wound up placing an H as substitution in the cases of several Norman-based given names (Hobb for Rob, etc.) Hitch, Ick, Icke are variations. Diminutive forms include Hicking, Hickin, Hicken, Hicklin, Higgett, Higgitt, Higgon, Hitching, Hitchin, Hitcheon, Hitchcock, Hedgecock, Hitchcott, Hedgecote, Hitchcoe, Hickock, Hiscock, Hiscoke, Hiscott, Hiscutt, Hiskitt. Hickes, Hicks, Higgs, Hutches, Ickes, Hickeson, Hixon, Hitchisson are patronymic forms.

    Cognates. French: Richard. Irish Gaelic: Ristéard. Italian: Riccardo. Low German: Ri(c)kert. Polish: Ryszard. Portuguese: Ricardo. Scandinavian: Rikard, Rickard. Scottish Gaelic: Ruiseart. Spanish: Ricardo. Welsh: Rhisiart.

    Short forms. English: Ric, Rick, Rich, Chard, Chad, Dick, Hecka. Slovak: Rišo, Riško. Polish: Rysio. Czech: Ríša [reesha], Ričmond [richmond].

    Pet forms. English: Richo, Ricky, Rickie, Richie, Ricky Boy.

    this is all I could find...sorry......

    PS Found it!!! Hudde is the German form of the name Richard, a variant of Huda.....however, Zedoc and all forms, ie Zetic, Zaddock, are the name Zachary/Zachariah

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  • Tirant
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    1 decade ago

    Dick and Dickon seem to be the most common in Shakespeare.

    also in the Wars of the Roses (15thC) a poem was written to the Duke of Norfolk waning him away from helping Richard III

    It when "Jocky of Norfolk be not too bold, for Dickon thy master is bought and sold"...

    In the Crusades Richard I was sometimes know in the Holy Land as "The Golden Ric"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i am not sure if they are old fashioned but her are some names that sorta have richard in them


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  • 1 decade ago




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