Does the Internal Revenue Service actually look at the notices they send out? They sent me one to Deceased?

The IRS sent out a notice for income tax return for my father two years after he passed away. The name on the notice was

Deceased ( First Last Name)

The letter does not allow the notification that the respondent is dead. The Spouse, yes. It insists that he respond to the notice. I would like him to respond also. I miss him. But is the IRS that dense that Deceased does not mean dead? They even replaced part of his name with Deceased. We have previous years that the IRS has already stated that they acknowledge he has passed away. The government sent out military recall notices to KIA. I guess the IRS thinks they have higher powers than GOD and can force people to report to them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree that the manner in which the IRS communicated with you regarding your father was insensitive at the least.

    They are writing you because you are the personal representative for your father. All of the letters are computer generated. The IRS is the world's largest bureaucracy.

    It would be to your benefit to respond to whatever they are asking and overlook the crass manner of communication.

  • 1 decade ago

    When some one dies the taxes still have to be paid until every thing is cleaned up.

    If you got the letter delivered to you then yo must be the person who is handling the estate.

    If the IRS don't get the right information from you they may guess as to what the real information is & close out the tax matters as best they can.

    If you have spent any of the moneys you may have to pay it back. The government is one of first in line to get any money.

  • 1 decade ago

    We are surrounded by idiots and computers; even the irs. Latest figures show that some 66% of the computer generated notices they send out are in error; the geeks have their revenge.

  • 4 years ago

    i don't recognize if issues have replaced this year and that they are in basic terms not sending them out in any respect, yet in previous years, in case you filed electronically on line the year in the past, they did not deliver you a e book. They anticipate you will record electronically back. Why do they do it? keep funds. It costs funds to print those books up, and if not each and every physique is going to apply them, do you go with you tax funds to be wasted on it? in case you go with a e book, you may view it on line (even print it out in case you go with to pay the fee to realize this). you additionally can discover them at particularly some places (submit workplace, library, etc.).

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