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How to pick up a lost thread re: Ure in NY?

We have very little information on my dad's side of the family, and most of his ancestors are now deceased (he has only one relative still alive older than him). I was able, with what my dad and his brother could tell me, to trace their lineage back to a Henry and/or a Hosea Ure in the Carthage/Bear Town area of upstate NY (Lewis and Jefferson counties). According to the 1870 census, Henry was 44 at that time, a clergyman who had been born in the US. Henry was married to Ruth, and they had Hosea, who had Frank, who had Peter, who had my grandpa....but, Hosea and Henry may have been the same person, as Hosea was also a clergyman, who was 55 in the 1880 census, who was also married to a Ruth - in which case, Henry and Ruth did not have Hosea, they had Frank, and so on. I'm not sure how to resolve this discrepancy.

In any event, after Henry/Hosea, I have been unable to find any other records or info to trace the line back any further. What do I do next - can anybody help me?

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    Hahahaha maybe Hosea was a family given name used interchangeably, and sometimes the enumator had porridge in his ears & got names mixed. And arrrggghhh SPELLING. I'm pretty good with NY and even know Jefferson Co area pretty well. It may be helpful to know what kinda clergyman Hosea was.

    It kinda looks like your Ures maybe were on the Canada side 1860, maybe for the Civil War. Folks did that, back & forth from NY. You left out Oswego County just south of those other 2.

    1850 Palermo, Oswego, New York;

    Roll: M432_577; Page: 43; Image: 357

    21 Aug

    UREA Hosea 24 cooper, all b NY

    Sophronia 21

    Linus/Sims? 18

    Derius 1

    Darius was at Watertown 1870 when the rest of the family was at Wilna.

    There are others at Palermo Oswego Co 1850 that could be interesting. Joseph URI 1793 but from NJ, a Polly b 1805 NY with married son Albert in the home.

    1820 & 1830 Oswego has a James & a Joseph Ure.

    1840 I dint figger out the speling at all. ;)

    But it 1) it may be a good guess Hosea was born there, and 2) looks like Polly could be the mom and James, I took a guess at familysearch.org at 1790 +-10 years o lookee. Born abt 1790 of Paris, Oneida, NY married Mary Polly SEELEY. Something to poke at, anyways.

    1910 o my 84 year old Hosea's got another wife, Charity, living over at Wayne County but said that's only his 2nd wife, of 22 years. This year he said both parents born Scotland. The Ezra that stayed at Palermo I'd figured for maybe his brother said his father was born Sco too. O there they are 1900, he's indexed Havea Ure at Savannah, Wayne Co, and remembers his parents were born NY.

    I did find mention of A marriage at familysearch.org to Rhoda Ann Howard about 1844 at Oswego County. Why showing Sophonia 1850 then Ruth - I cannot guess. Maybe they just liked trying on names or thought it wasn't the guvmint's bidness. Like being Henry just after a war. Screwy is right!

    If you don't live in NY or near the big library in IN, order the 1855 NY State Census from LDS for Palermo, it'll come with the 1865 to take a look at too, but the 1855 is the goodie. You might try a look at 1875 for Wilna Jefferson Co?

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    About 5% - 10% of the people I look up in the census change their name at least once; Lilly Belle Smith becomes Belle, Jown Wesly Smith becomes Wesley Smith, etc. From your description I would bet Hosea and Henry were the same person, but I'd want 4:1 odds and I wouldn't bet a lot.

    I didn't even know "Ure" was a surname until I read your post. There is a forum for the surname at


    (150 messages)

    and the Roots Web mailing list archive


    has 2,700 messages with it.

    You might search both; with a lot of luck you'll find a fellow researcher. I find the answer to one of my Questiosn about 10% of the time I search those two sites. I find additional information about the individuals I'm looking for more often; if I'm looking fo rhis wife's maiden name, for instance, I may find he was a deputy sheriff or a miner or came around the horn in 1851.

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    Have a look on www.familysearch.org you might find some thing of help, also if you have other lines in the same family line to work on then do so, some times you have to work around your problems, think laterally, when did your family come to America, have a look at www.castlegarden.org this is a immigration point that Prue dates Ellis Island, the only other things I can suggest is putting messages on genweb and rootsweb. both good sites, Good Luck and Good Hunting

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    Mormon churches have a ton of info on people...you can call them..they have all kinds of records....try and call one that might be near you...also, ask for help in your local library for geneology...and any elders in your family...or just other relatives...as well.

    Also, there are books in Barnes and Nobles that I have seen on geneology...and how to find stuff out...go to that bookstores..or Borders, or any bookstores that have NEW ,updated books in them on this subject...good luck!

    My mom does geneology as well! It is sooo interesting to find out what and who,and where, and how, etc...about our family, not to mention I also enjoy hearing about other people's as well!

    Good luck!!!!

    You can always google stuff as well on the net...regarding geneology sites..and perhaps ask.com or ask jeeves etc...

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