How does evolution prove Christianity wrong?

A Catholic just told me that Christians can still believe in evolution because monkeys came first or something. Yet sometimes I see atheists use evolution as a prime example of proving that Christianity does not exist. Couldn't Adam and Eve have been like monkies or something? Did humans have to be the first thing they created?



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    It doesn't. Evolution is just the religious dogma of materialist science that is foisted upon our children. If the Catholic God dwells in the eternal and is THE Creator, then they should have no problem with His abilities to create as He wills. Only a limited concept of God would have trouble with it. Evolution is nothing to stumble over. Evolution and science are a distraction away from what is most important--that being eternal salvation.

    The validity of the existence of God vs the validity of evolution depends on where you look, and HOW you look. Evolution is based totally in the physical realm of time and space and science is at peace with it since science can only accept as theory that which it can prove.

    God is eternal and cannot be subject to testing and scrutiny. God designed it to be that way for the purpose of free will choice. To see which you desire to cling to for your personal doctrine of origin. The problem is, upon death you go from the physical to the eternal, and there, all that you concluded regarding evolution, will be of no value. Remember Esau and do not trade your destiny for a bowl of beans.

    "The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?" - 2 Peter 3

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    Well, not being a creationist, but still a believing Christian, I feel like you're missing the boat from the Christian perspective. To many Christians (particularly those who might end up as creationists) the Bible is the standard, meaning that if it is in the Bible, no other evidence is needed, if it is is not, and conflicts with the Bible, then it is not true. That's what a standard is, by definition- it's like a ruler or a protractor- any angle that the protractor doesn't measure as 90 degrees is not 90 degrees. However, you should be aware that many people, some even very honest and otherwise good scientists, buy into into creationism or intelligent design. Creationists and Intelligent Design folks DO often and long discourse on why these theories are true and evolution is not. I believe they are wrong, but I still believe in a personal God, and still believe in the Bible in the most literal way it can be taken without making the earth only about 7000 years old. In other words, you've simply only been exposed to the anti-evolution propaganda, don't worry, eventually you'll see the other sorts out there. The most important thing for most creationist media is simply to cast doubt upon evolution- not to seek converts but to protect the faith of those already converted. That means the protecting the Biblical account isn't priority, trashing the 'conflicting' account is. Anyway, take it as you will, but I know, as sure or more surely as I know that creationism is bunk, that God exists, is personal, and cares about the humans on Planet Earth. The more Biology, Chemistry, and Physics I learn, the more certain I am of it. And having read the other answers now, I agree with the fellow who suggested posting in Spirituality. Sorry if I caused any disharmony myself, no belligerent intent on my part.

  • The Bible says that God created the animals first, but was still not happy, so He created man. As for evolution proving Christianity is wrong, that cannot be done. I would challenge any evolutionist to try. Christianity can support evolution, because evolution points to the intricasies of the universe, which only a Supreme Creator could make happen. While we may differ with how old the universe is, there is no reason that God could not have created the world with a geological age of millions of years, as evolutionists claim the world's age is. Evolution proves the Bible is correct - it does not refute it. Events and things mentioned in the Bible have been documented and/or validated by science.

    Source(s): Edit: One answerer said that God was afraid that man would build a tower so high that they could reach Heaven. God was not afraid of that. God punished mankind not out of fear, but because of man's arrogance. As for the talking donkey, anything is possible with God, and He caused the donkey to talk to get someone's attention. For the talking snake, ahem - that was Satan talking to Eve. This is possible for Satan. This should not be too hard to grasp. As for the world being flat, I don't recall the Bible claiming that, but I do know that the people who put the Bible into written word were putting their human spin, based upon their knowledge of the world at that time period, onto the Word of God. People today believe in ghosts, psychic ability, the paranormal, aliens from outer space, and all sorts of illogical stuff, but the example quoted by one answer as mentioned just now, are hard to swallow, when if one actually reads and makes an attempt to understand the Bible, will see that it all makes sense and that all things are possible with God.
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    It doesn't. I know that many Christians and other theists accept the theory of evolution. Atheists who try to use the theory of evolution to prove Christianity wrong don't know what they're talking about and they actually strengthen the creationists that way. The theory of evolution is a scientific theory, not some atheist dogma. It describes how species evolved and still evolve due to mutations and natural selection. Although according to the theory of evolution the existance of a creator is not necessary, it also cannot disprove the existance of such a creator. It only disproves that humans came into existance in literally the way described in Genesis. For being a Christian you don't have to take every part of the Bible literally.

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    no it doesn't and that isn't the atheist message, it does not disprove appoligist messages at all what it does dispove the literal idea that adam and eve where just magiced into existance by 'god' and when god made eve from adam that was genetically impossable but neway it doesn't some people believe in creation for evolution but it discredits the bible because its suppost to be infallable and clearly its not accurate if you buy the creation though evolution thing no i don't think evolution is a means to disprove theism there are many methods that are much easier to use

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    God created man last, on the seventh day. He created everything else before he created us. He wanted us to enjoy everything that He created.

    As it relates to evolution. I believe that evolution is a real and natural thing. I don't believe in the big bang theory, but I do believe that anything that is not eternal is subject to evolution. Look at us as humans for example. Given time, after death, we become as dust, we evolve back into the earth.

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    As an atheist, I can categorically tell you that evolution does NOT prove Christianity wrong. It does do some damage to the sillier versions of it, but by and large the mainstream Christian groups don't have much of a problem with it.

    Of course those other "scientifically-challenged" Christian groups are upset with many other aspects of reality - including the modern model of the solar system. (Yes, you read it right; there is at least one group of Christians that insists Galileo was wrong and the earth is indeed the center of the universe as stated in scripture.)

    And yes, you conclusion is correct in that the more enlightened forms of Christianity assume that humanity came into existence after a great deal of other species came and went.

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    Evolution only proves fundamentalists are wrong, dear, not Christianity.

    Nowhere, even in the fine print, does it say that God cannot create using evolution as His tool!

    Get a grip, people. This is GOD! He can do whatever He wants any ol whichofaway He wants to do it!!!

    The only thing you gotta remember is that God does NOT lie, by commission, as in putting fake bones in the ground, or by omission. Lying is the devil's job. He neither wants nor needs God's help in fooling humanity. And he jolly well knows he wouldn't GET that help if'n he DID want it!

    As for the atheists, evolution proves exactly nothing about the existence of God one way or the other! How infantile.

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    THe BIBLE, the FINAL AUTHORITY on all this tells us in Genesis that God created " MAN " in His own image. It also says that God created all the other living creatures, including monkeys, before that. That is unless you choose not to believe the Bible. And as for some Catholic telling you that a Christian can still believe in evolution, that would mean that such a person is denying the Word of God, therefore that person would not, in God's eyes, be a Christian. You either believe the Bible, or you make up something that fits in with your chosen life style. In other words, believe the Bible, or believe lies of the Devil, who then has you right in his grasp !

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    This debate with Evolution and Christianity will go on forever and ever. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to prove the other wrong. Both lack the hard evidence that non-believers will continually look for. I honestly believe that religion and evolution can co-exist, but it's likely it can never be proven due to the disintegration of fossils and the mainly faith-based evidence of religion. All people can do is believe what they want to believe and stop trying to claim the other is wrong.

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    It doesn't really. Except by saying that Adam and eve (man) was created by god. Science has nothing to do with god. Nothing. It's Christians (some) that have a problem with science.

    Evolution can not prove that Christianity doesn't exist. As it does, doesn't it?

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