How do I get declared legally blind?

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Can a regular eye doctor declare someone legally blind? Do you have to go to a specialist? Can anyone tell me the process you have to go through.

Thank you.
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A "regular" eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist) can make the measurements that can tell you if meet the requirements of "legally blind." However, they do not "declare" you as such.

Legally blind means that with best correction, your visual acuity is worse than 20/200. You would startwith an eye examination to determine if that was the case. Next step, if you are applying for disabilty or rehabilitation services, you would make application. They will send paperwork for your eye doctor to fill out to attest that your vision impairment is worse than 20/200 with best correction.

They may ask you to have another exam before making their final determination.,


licensed optician who helps fill out all the paperwork...
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  • Dana answered 7 years ago
    you have to go to the eye dr. they will test your vision and depending upon what your vision is they could tell you are legally blind.
    my wife is legally blind, she has no periphreal vision, she is on SSI and had to see a social security dr even after they saw extensive paper work from her dr stating she was legally blind hope this helps good luck
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  • knowssignlanguage answered 7 years ago
    i guess he could. I would go to a specialist though. You can go here and see if you have it or not without going to the doctors to get an idea if you actually need to go to the doctors.
    it explains what legally blind is and other information about it.
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  • Esmerelda answered 7 years ago
    An Opthalmologist is what you need.
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  • sweetguy answered 7 years ago
    when you are not able to read this answer.. you would be considered as blind... lol
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