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problems on choosing university?

i know i can't meet the condition offer in ucas.

i am now thinking

1. wait for clearing and study those subjects that i am not really interested in

2. study high dipolma for 1 yr, then enter yr2 in university next year

which one is better?

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    When you get your results it is absolute VITAL that you telephone the university and speak to the admissions tutor for your subject and tell them your circumstances if you have in fact failed to meet the conditional offer - by however many grades. It is only courtesy you phone the people that spent time selecting you to be with them. You should maturely ask them to reconsider whether they will admit you, and tell them about why you weren't able to meet the offer (e.g. if there are mitigating circumstances for your performance), or tell them what you have to offer them still.

    The universities will have planned for admitting a certain number of entrants having spent all the effort interviewing and selecting applicants, and I'm sure they will look at your case sympathetically, given the increased tuition fees income they are guaranteed per applicant, and the fact they spent time reading your application and they liked you for you. You will probably have to pitch your application again in a minute to the admissions tutor so he/she can make up her mind on the spot, but ensure they will look at your case sympathetically - especially if you have only missed your offer by one or two grades.

    If they cannot award you a place having failed to meet their conditional offer, and they politely thank you for the call and refuse, only then should you consider your two other options.

    But please wait for your results, then you can consult your tutors for further advice, and telephone the university. Often when you think you performed badly, the opposite turns out to be the case. Even if you have performed badly, everyone gets through it in the end one way or another.

    Its very refreshing to see that you have excellent contingency plans in place and you clearly know what routine procedures and management mechanisms you will deploy, to most efficiently and calmly manage the situation of failing to meet the conditional offer.

  • Chris
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    What about getting a job for a year, studying in your free time and doing resits, you shouldn't need to go through all the classes again, just go over the materials again. That'ld get you work experience and you'ld be able to get better grades. if thats not really an option for you then option 2 is your best bet in my opinion, you don't want to study something your not interested in, you'll regret it for the whole 3 years, and think of it in financial terms also, do you have the spare money to spend £10000 (tuition alone) on something you don't want. Getting the high diploma will enable you to study what you want, and leave university at the end with a degree in the subject that you want. Its still worth a look through clearing though, in case the course you want comes up at a university that you weren't looking at before, but at least it allows you to study that subject.

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    How about option 3, if you haven't got the grades for a medium to good university, study the subject at a low ranking university (which means going through clearing if course).

    I wouldn't recommend doing a subject you're not interested: you won't alst the course as you'll get bored, so you'll just be wasting your time. Are there other subjects which do interest you a bit, but perhaps not quite as much as your first choice?

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    Definitely study what you are interested in. It is much harder to remember information when you are not interested and in any case, you should work towards a career that suits you. Why become an undertaker when you can study medicine?

    The best of luck for the future and I hope that 2. takes you to where you want to go.

    Source(s): Three children at uni and all enjoy/used to enjoy their studies.
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    You should instead go to a local Community College, choose a major and get stellar grades within all the classes and get a 3.6+ GPA and then do a transfer. This is probably one of the best methods because it is cheap, gets you credit and you are near home. After doing a great job for one year at the CC you can basically have a better chance in going to a college of your choice than using your high school transcript.

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    Clearing should give you a choice, and why not give it a go you may find that you enjoy something you never knew about. Besides uni is good fun with lots of interesting people around.

  • Jen
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    dont choose something when your heart isn't really in it, life is for living and you need to do something that will make you happy!

    how about see how clearing goes, but i think if nothing comes up that you would really like, to go and do a diploma? you could always apply to college to do a diploma and cancel your place if you find something in clearing.

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    There is too much info missing here to be able to give an accurate answer.

    Have you already applied through UCAS?

    If so, have your applications been rejected?

    What are you interested in doing?

    I'd advise you to contact your local Connexions/Careers service for guidance before deciding.

    Source(s): careers adviser
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