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Female opinions needed. What are some good homemade lubricants?

I'm 16 and I dry up fast during sex with my bf and especially when I masturbate. I was just wondering what some good lubes are, preferably home made ones.

I don't want your criticizing either.


Yes, we use a condom. But when he fingers me or I do it to myself, I dry up fast.

Update 2:

I'm allergic to KY for some odd reason.

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    KY Warming gel is inexpensive (about $3.50) and you can get it about anywhere (Walgreens, Walmart, etc). Trust me...it's the best. Not only does it last, it's not sticky, and best of all it gets warm. You will love it...I promise!

    Do NOT use body lotion or oil...it will cause you many problems. One, it may clog up your pores. Two, it may change the PH balance in you causing the dreaded yeast infection. In case you've never had one...they are horrible.

    Allergic to KY...hmmm...then is your boyfriend 21 or older? Or if not then a trusted older friend? Maybe they could go into a local sex shop...they have dozens of different types of lubricant. Flavored ones too!

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    Water isn't a good lube.

    I've never had this issue. I'd just have my boyfriend go to the store and pick up some KY. It's affordable at least, and the best lube out there, at least I think so.

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    sounds like you could have been hurt sometime in your life bf or even family wise. has someone left you and it hurt really bad.(this could be anyone) sounds like you don't want to get to close and always looking for the out-you may not even know your doing it. you sound like you don't like yourself much and giving everyone away out. your hurting your self more than you know.you may be going for the wrong guys and needing something they can't give you. you need to find your self set a side 30 minutes a day look at your self in a mirror and ask your self who am i what makes me happy.write it down so you don't forget,what do i want to change am i happy what would make me happy.what does your current bf do that makes you happy or don't do-what do you need him to do that you need. sounds like the one you got is a keeper he will work with you help you find what you need.maybe check into some couple counseling or go at it alone. remember it doesn't have to be you it could have a lot to do with your parents relationship how they deal with each other. one more thing when you find that special person to love you the way you want to be loved it so powerful and strong and kids just tighten the bond you already share so don't right them off before you have them. remember also you are what matters if your not happy its not going to work.

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    If I were you I wouldnt try homemade lubes b/c some things can actually cause condoms to be ineffective. Lubes are sold at Walgreens and you can buy them at any age. Just go and buy some or make your boyfriend buy some.

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    In all my years of having sex, I have yet to find anything homemade that works w/o giving me a rash or infection.

    I would stick to the KY.

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    Go to Walgreen's and get one of those little yellow tubes of cocoa butter. It liquefies when it gets to skin temperature, it's safe, it lasts, and it's dirt cheap.

    I do think you should consult your physician next time you see her. At your age, you should be moist as the rainforest. Loss of estrogen is what makes older women drier, and you are FAR too young to be low on estrogen. To me, this is a bigger concern that what lubricant to use.

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    Also, make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day. That will help you lube up. :-) I had that problem when I didn't drink enough water and drank too much coffee. As soon as I drank the water, I was good to go! ;-)

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    There are no SAFE homemade lubricants. KY is the best to avoid infections. But abstinence is the safest lubricant.

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    I can give you an opinion just as good. Try rubbing some baby oil on his schlong or if you want to buy something, Astroglide is the one I like. Tastes good too.

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    why dont you go to the store and buy some ky..that works really well

    Source(s): my own personal experience
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