Have you been watching Daystar Network & TBN lately?

It seems like many of the speakers had been to the Brownsmead Florida Revival that started years ago.

It seems that a bigger revival & continual shifting is going on.

And the Holy Spirit is being very active in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What do you think about Daystar & TBN?

What do you think about the messages & anointing on the speakers/preachers, etc.?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well I respect Daystar more than TBN. TBN owner Paul Crouch told Hal Lindsey and several other pro Israel teacher/preachers that they had to tone it down when talking about Islam. Hal, etal were only telling the truth about Muslim jihadists. Actually TBN told Hal that he would have to pre submit his broadcast video/audio prior to airing it to see if it was acceptable for TBN standards( meaning politically correct pertaining to islam) Since production costs are considerable for each broadcast (over 30,000.00$) Hal said his ministry could not afford to have a show condemned by TBN , Therefore Hal volutarily left TBN and is now on Daystar. Way to go Hal! He will continue to tell the truth. Also sometimes I see some very "worldly" stuff on TBN . But even so TBN is better than all of the regular broadcasting as at least there is no smut. I also enjoy the following programs. In Touch/Charles Stanley, Coral Ridge/James Kennedy, Love Worth Finding/Adrian Rogers, Turning Point/David Jeremiah,

    Cornerstone/John Hagee, Zola Levitt/Jeff Seif, and Jewish Voice/John Bergman. All the name it and claim it, and prosperity gospel guys and gals I can do without.

  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't watched recently.

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