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What are some really great, artistic movies?

I like independence films, I like foreign films (not dubs though... the unsynchronized audio-video bugs me).

I also like pop culture & Hollywood films... I mainly look for films with depth and artistic expression.. Comedy is great... love it.. but also love drama and films that really developer the characters.

Anyone have some suggestions.. please!!


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    Trainspotting is an awesome film, kind of artistic in some parts

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    If you aren't afraid of homosexuality, "Aimee and Jaguar" is an amazing film. It was made in Germany and has no dubs (just captions) and tells the story of a lesbian jewish woman during the Holocaust. Its also a true story.

    The Dreamers, a film by Bernardo Bertulluci is also an amazing film that questions the reality of relationships. However, it is extremely graphic and suggests incest. It stars Matthew Pitt and Eva Green.

    Sherrybaby is for the film lover obsessed with character development. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and it is a profound exploration into the life and psyche of a woman just released from prison. Also, if you like M.Gyllenhaal, you should also check our the film "Secretary", which was her breakout role.

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    These are some of the best: Kill Bill Vol. 1+2, V for Vendetta, House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Shinobi, Donnie Darko, Dazed and Confused, A Scanner Darkly (Incredible book also), Waking Life, All "View Askew" Movies, Pan's Labyrinth, Hayao Miyazaki films, and thats about all i can think of.

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    Waking Life, Trainspotting, Pan's Labyrinth, Garden State, Donnie Darko, Spirited Away, Magnolia, Big Fish, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mulholland Drive. These are all fantastic movies!! see them all!! hehe

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    Here are a few of my favorites:

    The Dreamlife of Angels - Definately Drama , about the relationship between 2 women and their differing perspectives on life. I French w/ subtitles

    Pizza - Comedy, Drama - About a chubby plain Jane who spends her birthday with the hot pizza delivery guy. Very funny. In English

    House of Sand - Ummm, Drama for sure. About 3 generations of women and their struggle for survival in a brutal climate. Sounds boring, but it's anything but. In Spanish w/ subtitles

    Brother of Sleep (Schlafes Bruder) - I hope I spelled the german title right ; ) Really visiual film about an a musical genius who is torn between his love for a woman and his passion for music. Kind of dark, romantic, and sweepingly beautiful. In German w/ subtitles

    Me Without You - Comedy, Drama with touch of romance. Leaves you feeling sort of warm and fuzzy. About 2 best freinds and their journeys toward autonomy and adulthood. In English (U.K.)

    Buffalo 66 - Wierdly funny drama, I guess. It takes an unusual sense of humor to like this one. Written and directed by Vincent Gallo who also played the starring role.Co-starring Christina Ricci. About this ex-con who's released from prison with a serious itineray. In English

    I guess I should stop now, but I could go on and on.

    Oh yeah, last one. Donnie Darko***** a must see.

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    amelie is a definite suggestion if youre looking for a movie that has a good plot but is visually very beautiful and charming. also, anything by the spanish director pedro almodovar (including his latest volver with penelope cruz) he is simply amazing in his style and storytelling...these are the movies which are a bit quirky but are more powerful in their messages (which makes it much more satisfactory than somehting just plain cute and strange)...these are some other films which, to me, just seemed like the directors took incredible pains to make the movie "artistic" as you say...

    -Love Me if You Dare (a French flick...kind of like Amelie)

    -Paris, Je T'aime (18 short films all directed by differernt people...all created in different styles and approaches...if you don't like one film, it's over in five minutes and you move on to something completely fresh and new)

    - The Science of Sleep

    - Talk to Her (an almodovar film!)

    - Bad Education (another almodovar...sorry, i'm obsessed)

    - The Sea Inside (Spanish)

    - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (this movie puts you through hell with the's really kind of frustrating but beautiful at the same time)

    - anything by Wes Anderson - the life aquatic, royal tenenbaums - his attention to detail is just excruciatingly clear....

    - Brick (very interesting approach to kind of that film noir style)

    - Little Children (funny, sad, disturbing, complicated, relative...with many characters and plotlines)

    - Shortbus (for art & sex)

    - Sweet Land (haven't seen in, but the trailer made the cinematography look amazing...and it's kind of a more sparse movie with less dialogue -since the woman can't speak english- but it looks pretty cool)

    - my summer of love

    - good bye berlin (awesome)

    - l'enfant (french)

    - me you and everyone we know

    - palindromes

    - amores perros (spanish)

    - the chumbscrubber (not that great...actually quite strange...but you might enjoy it)

    - coffee and cigarettes

    - breakfast on pluto

    - the good girl (still remains one of my favorite movies as far as story/character's a simple plot, but in it's simplicity you find a lot more each time you watch it and really let it soak in)

    thats a start - good luck with the rest

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    Cinema Paradiso is really good. It's in Italian. Hero has beautiful photography.

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    Well, i suggest "Amelie" because i loved it. You should try looking up lists like the greatest indies of all time, greatest comedies, etc.

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    Apocalypto. ~

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