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Why would WWE elect Chris Benoit to the hall of fame?

They want nothing more to do with him.

The evidence that he killed not only himself but his wife and child.

Sure, there are racists and cheaters in other Hall of Fames, but I bet you would be hard pressed to find people who took another life (Outside of the occasional war veteran, of course).

Not to mention, if they DID induct him, can you imagine the protests and backlash from not only some wrestling fans but the general public as a whole? It would not be something the WWE would want to deal with.

Bottom line: Even though Chris Benoit had a great career, there is no way on God's green earth he is ever getting into the hall of fame.

Do you agree with me, or do you still think you can make an argument against what I've said here?


Crude of course it is.....but under these circumstances, do you think WWE would consider such a thing?

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    Ding ding ding. You're completely correct.

    It's unfortunate, but seriously, who in their right minds would induct a killer into their Hall of Fame? Hell, I would criticize WWE for that, and I loved Chris Benoit and felt that before this incident, that he was HOF-bound for sure. Even the biggest Benoit fan would be hard-pressed to give a reason why he is Hall of Fame material now.

    I cannot think of one argument that would support Benoit going into the Hall of Fame. The stigma that he carries would create a backlash of controversy toward the WWE, much more than ever before. I don't think we will ever see WWE honor Chris Benoit's name ever again.

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    Yes.. Wrestling has nothing to do with personal life.. HOF should remember Chris Benoit just like they did all the other dead wrestlers.. As a matter of fact some of the other dead wrestlers didn't wrestle worth crap and they made that list.. so why not Chris Benoit (a good wrestler)? Let Chris Benoit rest in peace now.. R.I.P Chris Benoit (1967-2007)

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    As much as i love chris benoit and i would have loved to have seen him in the hall of fame. Reality is that people are now going to remember him for the last thing he did on this earth and for that i don't see him ever being elected into the hall of fame.

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    With the info out there now, there is no chance that he gets into the hall of fame. I understand the argument that only his in ring accomplishments should count, but the WWE cannot do it. It's too much for them to handle. The media will crush them if they allow a "murderer" into the Hall of Fame. It's way too much bad publicity for the WWE to take on not to mention the ensuing protests and boycotts for inducting him.

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    Again hes the pete rose of wrestling,

    No one can take away what he did in the ring. People are not put into the hall of fame based upon what they do outside the ring. Inside the ring he was one of the top 10 wrestlers of all time. Just like pete in baseball.

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    i would want benoit in the hall of fame but maybe in 5 years. he was an excellent wrestler and everyone loved him. he made a huge mistake and will never be forgiven for that.

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    Hall of Fame carreer

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    based on my question a while ago we will see if it happens and the outcome if Benoit might be inducted to the hall of fame

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    if they dont indut chris in the HOF the WWE will see me protest in front of their headquaters and give the finger to vince

  • Exactly, I really dont think he will be enducted.. It will cause way too much controversy and the WWE has lost too many fans already.

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