how do you change your informatin on yahoo mail?

someone keep going into my acount on yahoomail how do i change thing like your birthday and stuff

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    You cant change your birthdate, it is the only thing you cant change though. You can change your Security Question and Answer this way:

    If you would like to change or update your password question and secret answer, please send an email to

    For security reasons, we request that you send this information from the Yahoo! email account associated with the password question and secret answer. In the subject of the email, type Password Question and Secret Answer.

    In the text of the email, include:

    Your Yahoo! ID.

    The zip code you gave when you registered for the email account (non-U.S. residents should include country).

    The birth date that you provided at registration.

    The alternate (non-Yahoo!) email address listed for your Yahoo! ID.

    Your current password question and secret answer (exactly as you entered them at registration).

    Your new password question and secret answer.

    Please note: The punctuation, spelling, and spacing of your new secret answer are important. We will copy the secret answer exactly as it appears in your email.

    Once we've received and verified the above information, we'll notify you that the change has been made.

    You can change your password also:

    sign in to your Yahoo! account with your current password and click the Account Info or My Account link at the top of the page. You will be asked to re-enter your current password for verification. Then:

    Click the "Change Password" link.

    Enter your current password in the first box.

    Enter your new password (as you would like it to be) in the second box.

    Confirm your new password in the third box.

    Click the "Save" button.

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    1 decade ago

    i need help. i can not get to my yahoo mail

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