Why do people hate Michael Moore?

My name is actually Michael Moore, and whenever people find out my name, they share their opinions of him. Just earlier I was at the store and the asked for my name, and then the clerk was like "I hate Michael Moore!" I was like ugh... okay. Why?!?

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    Cause he is an idiot and he stretches falsehoods so far just to make a name for himself. Nothing he says is accurate, it is all skewed for propaganda. Even liberals think he is a moron.......only VERY far left liberals listen to his crap. (and most of them even don't)

    I am NOT a government supporter, however......I will not support someone who skews anything just for fame and for a buck.

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    people don't like him because he is not afraid to say what is wrong with America. People are instilled with the belief that the actions of the united states are never wrong at a very young age and it is these people that hate him. There was some controversy as to the validity of the evidence he found for his film "Fahrenheit 911," but nothing to the extent that some people have posted above.

    I also don't believe that he is unbiased, but his bias is not outrageous, it is the bias of an educated citizen.

    Some people just don't like fat people though.

    Michael Moore = fat

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    I don't "hate" Moore.

    He is, in my opinion, an over-rated, publicity-seeking, loud-mouth, extreme-far-left-liberal-to-the-point-of-being-a-communist windbag full of noxious gas.

    Moore needs publicity like a junkie needs the next fix.

    Sure, he offers some good talking points, but essentially, it is all a dog-and-pony show designed to bring him more attention.

    Fact is, MM plays fast and loose with facts.

    In the making of his movie, Moore took his cameras to Cuba but, alas, failed to mention that, according to The World Health Organization, the health system in the USA is better than in Fidel's socialist paradise. I'm sure Moore's oversight was accidental.

    The same pattern repeats itself in his other movies.

    Since the American public usually accepts what it sees without questioning it, perceptions easily become the new reality...and don't let the facts get in the way of a good story!

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    While I agree with some (not all) of Moore's ideas, I think the way he presents them turns a lot of people off. He is very arrogant and can be an *** during interviews.

    For instance, in this interview, he acted like a complete jerk on live TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpKoN40K7mA

    Youtube thumbnail

    While he may be right about what he was saying, he should use a little tact in how he responds.

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    Haha thats pretty funny. Michael Moore is just very opinionated. The type of person who sees things one way, and will distort an issue to ONLY support his viewpoint. He may be well intentioned and some of his crusades mean well and are insightfull, but he is simply a douche.

  • Your story reminds me of Office Space - when the consultants talk all about Michael Bolton.

    Anyhow - I hate him b/c he's a raving Democrat. Not that I'm a Republican, I can't stand raving Republicans either.

    He's also ugly and overweight - two traits that I don't like.

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    Because he tells the truth. People are afraid of the real world,they act as if they aren't now or never will be affected by what Micheal has to say. He keeps it real about the government and how they continue to slice our throats in the name of their democracy. The health care in this country is shot to hell, it's about time someone put it out there to be heard. We need more Micheal Moore's on this earth. Glad you're one of them.

  • Adel
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    That clerk was dam rude ya know. Anyway, I think they hate him because they consider him to be anti-American a little bit. Anybody pro-Bush would not like him probably because he exposed Bush in Fahrenheit 911.

    I really want to watch his latest movie though. Sounds interesting.

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    He holds up a mirror of our society. People do not like what they see. His films are incredible. Fahrenheit 911 should go down in history ot show the truth of the Bush deception.

    Bowling for Columbine shows the insanity of America's obsession with guns.

    Sicko is a must see to find out what is wrong with our health care system.

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    #1-Because he tells people what they probably already know but are too afraid to admit to themselves. #2-Because he's overweight, and people who are caught up in image and superficial things have an almost automatic repulsion to that (even if they are that way themselves!) #3-Because he's been successful despite #1 and #2, and people are jealous.

    Just my two cents. :)

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