Male with leukemia?

Will the chances of a man being able to have children be affected or decreased if he has leukemia?

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    It depends on which sort of Leukemia he has (for example there is ALL, AML, CLL, and CML - where the a stands for acute, the c stands for chronic, the middle l for lymphocytic, the middle m for mylogenous and the final l stand for Leukemia) and what sort of treatment he has/had.

    Some kinds of drugs used to treat Leukemia - chemotherapy - have long term effects that can prevent people from having children after treatment. Also, depending on whether or not his particular sort of cancer is caused by genetic factors, it might not be wise to have children (because of thier increased risk of having cancer).

    The National Cancer Institute has a whole page of information on Leukemia:

    From that site you can read more about Leukemia, request information on the disease, talk via IM to a cancer counselor, or you can call 1-800-4-cancer and talk to a person about your questions.

    If you (or a friend, relative, or family member) are facing leukemia I would really recomend talking to the people at the Cancer institute and your doctor. They can answer all your questions and explain everything to you.


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    Whoa whoa whoa!!! ought to everyone right here scare this undesirable toddler anymore then he's??? sure, somebody of any age can get leukemia. there are various indicators of all the a number of varieties of this blood cancer. My propose is: in case you think you (or your brother, pal, etc) have this, please see a doctor very quickly. Survival quotes are very intense for leukemia, tremendously while medical care starts off immediately after diagnosis. stable success to you..and praying its no longer something undesirable!!

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    the only reason a male with leukemia might become sterile would be because of certain treatments that might be used such as radiation or chemo, leukemia itself does not cause sterility.

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    generally it is treatment that causes sterility. if this is a concern than that person should look into freezing some sperm after discussing this and other options with their doctor.

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    Check this site for the best info:

    Best wishes

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