If you could be POTUS and Congress for 1 week, what would you do to change the world???

Leave out the war.....thats an easy one to argue and an obvious answer.... so be creative!!!!

Tell me what YOU would get accomplished to improve the lives of average citizens.

Who would be your cabinet?? What would you get done first?? What would you want your legacy to be???


Remember.. you are the President... AND Congress... there are no impediments to implementing your ideas...

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    Great question!!! I really mean that. Provocative and non-partisan.

    First, I don't know what I COULD get accomplished. All I can say is what my vision is. What I would like to do.

    I believe my legacy and avenue for improving the lives of average citizens would lie in restoring honor and integrity to Washington. I would want to kill the two party beaurocracy that plagues Washington today. I would pass campaign finance reform, tort reform, education reform and term limits. For far too long Washington has been inhabited by career politicians. These politicians care about nobody but themselves and will do nothing unless they get something out of it too. I would be strong on defending our homeland. I would want to shore up our borders. We are a nation of immigrants. I still believe in the motto, "bring me your tired, your sick and your hungry" I would simply like to see everyone come in through the door instead of sneaking in the window. I would pass manditory immigrant education in English, American History and Civics and see English installed as our national language.

    As for my cabinet. I would seek people with real experience in dealing with real people and real problems, not career politicians or activists who claim they know what it is really like on the American streets. I have no cronies like most Washington politicians do. My gut instinct would be to ask a white person, black person, latin person, asian person and american indian person. I would want an accountant, a business person, a lawyer and a clergy person from the christian faith, jewish faith and muslim faith.

    Real people solving real problems for the American people. We need leaders, not yes men. We need people who will look at the American people and say we made this decision because this is what we believe is right. It doesn't matter what the American people think the President should do. The President is hired to do a job, not be a yes man to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    If I ever ran for public office, I probably would not get elected. I'm too honest. I will tell you what I think if I'm asked. Not give the answer I think the voter would like the best.

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    Monday Morning: Get all the congressional pages in a closed door session and find out which other congressmen and women are doing what to these teenagers. Break for lunch

    Afternoon: Put The DC Madam, Abramoff and Larry Flynt in another room and get to the bottom of who has been taking what bribes and who's sleeping with which hookers

    Evening: Post results of both session on the evening news. Let chips fall where they may. Play some Gears of War, maybe figure out a way to Beta Halo 3 until bed time

    Assuming I survive the night, Tuesday Morning: Solve the immigration debate once and for all. Let employers have whomever they want working for them but they have to pay them like Americans, above the table and at a decent wage. If you can't do that and we catch you then you're off to federal "pound 'em in the a** prison" and have a $20,000 per illegal alien fine waiting for you. Listen for the response from the small business administration saying it would be bad for business, to which I'd say on television, "Cut the crap and get it done!"

    Put on my bullet proof vest and play golf for the afternoon

    Evening: Interrupt news to talk about my score if I shot below 90 otherwise announce that I would be addressing the UN tomorrow.

    Assuming again I am not killed in my sleep

    Wednesday morning: Fly to New York and address the General Assembly. Tell then we will follow the Kyoto accords only if every other country does the same. China produces more CO2 the we do but doesn't follow the accords? That's Bulls--t! Everybody on board or the hell with you. Also let countries know, yes we will be pulling back our troops in the Middle East but understand this, do anything wrong. No let me clarify: ANYthing and I start blowing things up until I don't perceive a threat. Flash the peace sign leaving the podium and go outside to get a hotdog. Maybe catch a Knicks game that night with Spike Lee.

    Thursday Morning, back to the White House: Sit down with the 18-25 congressmen who aren't under investigation from Monday morning and figure out how much Universal Healthcare would cost.

    Thursday Afternoon: Realizing that the illegal immigration debate won't go away that easily since we would have to arrest the heads of Wal Mart and Tyson Chicken, begin talks to annex Mexico and make it our 51st through 55th states. I'm sure they won't mind. Invite the current Mexican President up for barbecue

    While I was on such a role internationally, call up Castro and see if he'd like to sit down and talk treaty. 50 years of griping at him has done no good. Tell him to bring his mit and invite him to play some catch.

    Friday: Play catch with Castro. Eat some plantains. End the embargo. Set my brother up to be the first importer of real Cohibas.

  • *Total annihilation of capitalism.

    *complete annihilation of The Zionist regime.

    *neutralizing all WMD's worldwide.

    *Annihilating all religious companies & organizations such as MC Methodists

    MC Mormans MC Baptists & ETC.

    *Also annihilating Najaf , vatican & other religious Temples That R The enemies of The Planet Earth.

    *There are plenty of food & happiness for evry one after all these annihilations !

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    Lock down the borders....electric fences....like the ones they had in Jurassic park.

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    one random act of kindness

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