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What would Dick and Jane do about health care?

If you could change the health care system in America what would you change? Who would run the system? I am going to pick a best answer, and I'm going to grade every response, so do your best.. I will also call your parents if you do not give it 100%.....

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    Unfortunatly Dick & Jane alone aren't smart enough to answer this complex problem themselves. However, perhaps a simplistic view would be a good place to start.

    Simply put, one must follow the $$$.

    There is a huge amount of $$$ allocated toword healthcare, for many/most it comes right out of the paycheck just like taxes. The money then goes to a middle man(HMO) he skims as much off as possible by reducing reimbursement to providers and disallowing studies thought necessary by your MD.

    The cost continue to rise because:

    Those without insurance go o the ED and don't pay, so everyone pays in the form of higher rates (that's why 5 stitches in the ED cost $700). In any other business can you get services without paying?

    Lawyers make us practice defensive medicine, this is hard to quantify, but vastly underestimated by those trying to seriously address this problem.

    Advancing technology. There are so many new things we can do. Many of these things improve the quality of life -That's good! However, others simply increase costs, but are often persued because MDs nowdays don't have the time to counsel patients on what is realistic.


    Not socialized Med or management by the gov., but perhaps a single payer of some sort.

    Serious Tort reform

    Equity within the medical profession. What do we need more of? Orthopedic Surgeons or Internal Medicine mds? If the reimbusement doesn't change, you'll be able to get your new hip no problem, but will die prematurly because your CHF, Diabetes, CAD is not under good control.

    Good luck

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