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what do i need to major in to become a libarian, and is their a college just for studing to be a libarian?

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    You'll need excellent problem-solving and research skills. Make sure that you take full advantage of any research projects assigned in your classes to learn all you can about the available resources, such as article databases.

    Also, since technology is now an essential part of library science, you'll need to become very comfortable with computers, so sign up for any computer classes offered at your school. You may even want to consider taking AP® Computer Science A or Computer Science AB.

    Other subjects that could ultimately contribute to your specialization as a library professional include

    Foreign languages

    Music (if you want to work as a music librarian)

    Government and civics (if you want to work in government archives or legal libraries)

    Science (if you are interested in working as a science or medical librarian)

    The best way to learn more about librarianship is to work in a library. Luckily for you, it takes a lot of people to keep one running smoothly, and you may be able to get a paying job, as a library page, for example. Although you'll spend a lot of your time reshelving books in the stacks, you'll also get to know how the library works and may form valuable relationships with librarians and support staff. If a paying job is unavailable, try volunteering.

    College Courses:

    Cataloging and classification

    Collection development

    Introduction to library and information services

    Library administration

    Library automation

    Library media methods

    Resources for young adults


    Reference and information services

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