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SOme truth and Dare Ideas~?

It is gonna be me and my BFF what are some good truths and dares!!

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    "I dare you to put a whoopi cushion hidden in a chair where my dad sits down."

    I dare you to shout to the neighborhood when everyone is watching, ' I like unicorns!'"

    I dare you to eat 1 of your boogers!


    Do you like the new boy in class?

    Do you like the boy in math class?

    Who do you like in our school?


    Source(s): Truth or dare from old granny McKins!
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    anything that involves peeing and/or pooping is good

    pee in the sink

    poop in a bucket

    poop in a bag, put it on neighbors porch

    pee on a fire hydrant

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    the name of the guy that first made her feel very horny

    dare is to run around the house topless..

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    maybe some secrets that u really want to know ?

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