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Spanish phrase "ve a tu pieza" - what does it mean in English?

I found this phrase in a 'useful spanish phrases for adopting parents' section of an inter-country adoption information pack. The translation given for it was "go to your room".

I thought bedroom was habitacion, or dormitorio. I thought pieze meant 'piece'. So is 've a tu pieza' correct, or should it be something like 've a tu dormitorio'?

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    go to your room

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    Hi, you are right, pieza also means piece, that I guess would be the correct translation of the word... But since spanish is a language spoken in many different countries the phrase "go to your room" can be said in many ways. As you mentioned:

    "Ve a tu habitacion"

    "ve a tu dormitorio"

    "ve a tu pieza"

    or you can even find it like

    "ve a tu cuarto"

    All of them are correct.

  • Anonymous
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    Ve a tu cuarto/habitacion/dormitorio, I've never heard ve a tu pieza, that means go to your piece.

    Source(s): Mexicana : )
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    ve a tu pieza = go to your room

    pieza, cuarto, recámara, habitación = bedroom (different words meaning the same)

    pieza also means piece in other context

    cuarto also means quarter

    habitación also means room

    dormitorio is more like a dormitory

    Hope that helps ;)

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  • Anonymous
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    "pieza" is not very used in spanish from Spain, but I have hearded it in spanish from America. It means "habitación" and in English it would be "room", but if you said "tu pieza" it means "your bedroom".

    Anyway, it is better to say "habitación" or "dormitorio" if you speak of a bedroom.

    (sorry for my English... I am Spanish)

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    I've heard "cuarto " mas que "pieza" that's weird

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    go to your roomm is commonly say

    cuarto is room in english, it is an homophone for quarter in spanish

    cuarto = room

    cuarto= quarter

    for example in my country the coin called quarter in theUSA is called CORA because people down here can not pronounce the word quarter correctly, and CORA is a name also

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    go to ur piece, meaning like. go where u belong or go to ur room.

    trust me, im mexican

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