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What does the Spanish phrase "te amo" mean in English?

I've just read some information about intercountry adoption from Chile, and it had phrases for the adopting parents to learn, to use with their adoptive children. One was "te amo"="I love you". But I thought that was only for a romantic relationship like husband-wife. I thought "te quiero" was used for other relationships like between friends, and between siblings, and from parent to child.

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    actually it is used in the familie to. I mean, b-tween mother father, and children, etc.

    Source(s): i'm latinamerican, Costa Rica.
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    Te Amo In English

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    What Does Te Amo Mean

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    Te amo means I love you

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    te amo = i love you

    You're right about that, te amo is MOSTLY used in romantic way but it could also be used between parents and children and in very emotive contexts between friends, siblings, etc. Also depends on the culture of the people saying it. Amar is a stronger feeling than querer and different people have different nuances for those two verbs (just like in english, for someone to say "i love you" could be a huge deal while for someone else it could be easily said)

    Hope that helps ;)

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    Hi !

    te amo means I love You

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    "Te Amo" means " I love you" (casual)

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    From what I understand from my Spanish friends... "Te Amo" is usually reserved for a romantic relationship. "Te Quiero" is appropriate for friends, family, etc.

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    ¡Te amo! - I love you!

    You're right, "te amo" is more intense than "te quiero", which is the less intense way of saying "I love you"

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    Te Amo is I love you (general usage)

    Te Queiro is more like "I want you" - a romantic usage

    Source(s): high school spanish 20 years ago
    • Actually te quiero doesn't mean "I want you" at all. Te deseo in the other hand means I want you.

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