Low oil pressure, high engine temperature?

I've got a 1998 v6 3.8 standard Camaro.

Recently, the engine temperature has been going from its normal heat of around 210 to consistantly being between 235-260 (260 being the red zone where it'll shutdown). The oil pressure has been going from it's normal around 60 to dropping down to 15-30. The car finally went out and shut down on me from being overheated/underpressured last week so I've not run it since. Both seems to reach their dangerous levels at the same time about 10 minutes after the vehicle is started from a cold start. I haven't noticed any ground leaks and I've topped off my antifreeze with a correct brand and had the oil filter changed out by a dealership mechanic when they were cleaning out the oil system and releasing the oil pressure release valve.

There is one hose that develops a clear crusty look on it when the vehicle has been run a bit. Here's a link to a picture of it.


Thanks in advance for any help

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  • Fixguy
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    1 decade ago
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    The hose you're showing is an air-conditioning hose...it's probably not the cause.

    If you have an electric fan try and see if it's cycling on and off.

    Make sure your A/C is turned off when you check. If your fan is belt driven check to see if your water pump is turning. If she's overheated a few times you may have cooked a head gasket but you'd know this by having to constantly add coolant. If you haven't changed your thermostat it might also cause trouble. You neglected to mention if you were getting any warning lamps on the dash. If you have a code it could help you. I wish I know more of the story.

    E-mail me and I'll try and help more

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    when i ran the truck the oil pressure goes to 30 psi after a 1 hour journey when i idle the truck the oil pressure goes to zero. what is the cause?

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