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I have a 1 yr old female pug and a 1.5 yr old male minpin. they groom eachothers ears and she cleans his stomach area..etc. they are spayed/neutered.. this may sound weird but do they 'like' eachother or are they just cleaning one another...


It's not that I'm worried about it. I was just curious as to what the behavior meant. Thanks!

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    They're acting like packmates, like family.

    They accept each other. Mutual grooming reaffirms this acceptance.

    Source(s): I'm a Vet Tech.
  • al l
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    This is typical behaviour in a pack. Dogs groom each other as a sign of friendship and not lust. It's nothing to worry about.

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    It's cute when they take care of each other like that, isn't it? My Collie used to take care of my Rottie by licking his ears and eyes. But since my Collie was a lot older than my Rottie, I think that's just her motherly instinct. So, in your case, maybe your dogs feel like they're a family or in the same "pack" and so they take care of each other.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. They are just grooming each other. My dogs do that, and thier both females. If they "liked" each other, I think that would be a little wierd.

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  • usually dogs do that, they care for each other. it is natural. my two male dogs used to do that all the time. but one of them died and my other dog looks depressed all the time so it may be a sign of loving each other.

  • Anonymous
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    They don't "like" each other, but they do like each other. When two dogs live together, they tend to become bonded. They're like best friends and will take care of each other.

  • Tino
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    if nothing else they see eachother as family members. Its not uncommon for animals (in the same Pack) to do that to eachother.

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    They are just friends.Being affectionate.They 'like' eachother but it's not like the can do anything.

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    They are acting like dogs.. They obviously like to spend time together.

  • they might like each other. but dogs clean each other all the time.

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