Since NBC "aired" over 70 hours of Live Earth, a major push for Al Gore's "Man Made" Global Warming

agenda.... will NBC give fair and equal time to all of the information and scientific data that opposes "man made" global warming? (after all, the lib based media is crying for the fairness docrtine... right?)

Follow up question.... If Al was to throw his hat into the ring for Preseident... this would be the largest campaign contribution in US history.... will NBC give the opponent 70+ hours of coverage for their campaign?


John.... I don't think anyone is suggesting that we don't do our best to take care of the environment. I'm not going to make the case against man made global warming because I have done that plenty in past questions and this question is about the media pushing a theory as fact like schools do with evolution. Sorry Kelly, there are thousands of scientists that believe the opposite, research just a little.... What this creates is a HIGH COST way of dealing with an issue we have very little impact on. There is a warming trend right now... 20 years ago it was a cooling trend... before that a warming trend... what did we do so drastically different to swing those cycles?

I believe we can pollute a river or even a lake... but please.... these gasses that are supposedly killing the ozone have been naturally released in much greater quantities by the earth for thousands of years.

Lets just give the big guy upstairs a little credit and say.. he knows what he is doing.

Update 2:

Oh.. and Kelly... make no mistake... Al Gore is campaigning.... his name is all over it. It is more recognition. Because of who he is, you can't take the politics out of it. It is a huge political hot topic.

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    Since there have been answers to other parts of this issue that weren't asked, I am going to dive in and answer both parts as well.

    First off, whether you believe in God creating Earth, or the big bang theory, or any other belief you have, everyone has to admit, this planet was made to function in a good way. The circle of life and all. Too many meat eaters in the animal kingdom? Well, they kill off too many prey animals, then some of the carnivores die off, allowing the prey animals to breed and raise new generations. Water evaporates, and comes back down, dispersed over large areas as rain, to give life to plants and animals. A good system. Personally I believe it was created by God, but that is neither here nor there. And I think the system was as close to perfect as you can get. Of course, global warming is man assisted. But we have had major climate changes even before we had cars, electricity, etc. So, yes I think we contribute to it. The problem is, all we can control is our own contributions. And no matter your political beliefs, I think most people are willing to cut down on harming the environment.

    But will both sides get equal airing on TV? Since when has life been fair and equal? So to answer the question at heart, no, the opposing side won't get equal airing. For one thing, I have yet to see any major issue not have a clear majority behind one side. The man made global warming is going to get a large majority behind it because humans need to feel in control. And since we cannot control even small changes in weather conditions, believing that global warming could happen even without humans gives them nothing to try to control. NBC will not give even 1% coverage to an opposing view. I don't see them, in any given issue, giving equal air time to both sides of any issue.

    Oh, and in response to the "he wasn't campaigning at the time", politicians are ALWAYS campaigning. Always looking for name recognition and support from the public. I wouldn't be suprised to find that they carry markers into public bathrooms and scrawl "Support ( insert politician name)" on the stall walls. NBC is going to throw its weight behind a politican with high name recognition that is coming out with an issue that has major support from the pubic. And Gore did that with a rather scary issue ( the ruination of our planet). Will they now oppose their own support of an issue? Nope, because instead of making them look fair and equal, it could mean they would look like they don't know what to believe. And that might ruin their image. They won't chance that, or ruining their relationship with a highly recognized politician.

    The opposing view point won't get national airing.

    This is how word is spreading for the opposing viewpoint.

    I am sure NCPA doesn't even have 7 hours of TV time coming, let alone 70 from NBC. NBC will air the side they think will get them the most supporters. Equality is not an issue for them. Both in the global warming issue or the campaigning issue. If Gore ran, and his opponent had a strong issue they supported, they would not get 70 hours of special attention.

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    Do you know that a cup of ice tea would not warm up until all the ice in the cup is gone? Earth is the same way; earth will be on fire and kill ALL living thing when all the ice on earth is gone. Even before that happen, it will be have so much water go up and down to make big storms and kill lots people. We are talking about the future; it will be too late, when you can see the global warming at your front yard. Please be open minded; I know lots people can’t see it, and millions people can not make that much different one way or the other. But, it will be huge different when most the population are doing it right now, how long do you think the earth can last? Keep in mind that Earth is not that big; you can go around the earth in less than 2 days.

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    Equal time does not equal fair and balanced.

    That's like saying networks should give equal time to evolution and creationist theories, or the theory of gravity and the theory of pixie dust, or the christian theory and the giant spaghetti monster theory.

    In fact, the very last possible alternative explanation to man-made global warming was disproven, according to this story which came out yesterday. The only remaining explanation is that of the scientific consensus - that humans are the primary cause of the acceleration in global warming over the past 40-50 years:

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    Global warming is real!!!! You won't stop it you probably won't even slow it down. It's been going on since the peak of the last ice age. Now long term Mother Nature will take care of the problem. If she thinks man is the problem she may remove those genes from the pool.

    IF we managed to turn it around (not very likely) and we started cooling things off and it got out of hand do we go back to burning fossil fuels?

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    Since NBC is one of the most liberal networks out there, of coarse they are not going to give evidence contrary to global warming a fair hearing.

    To liberals, debate is pointless because being a liberal is about following people like Al Gore and accepting their non-solutions. Who else would thye vote for? A principled conservative? All debate does is threaten their vice grip of the mainstream media and challenge their philosophy which ought not be challenged.

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    1) They should but they won't.

    2) No way in Hell.

    Does anyone else see the irony that, if man made global warming is real, NBC's parent company. GE is a major contributor? Their products use electricity (The "E" in GE stands for electric). Their plastics division uses a lot of petroleum based fed stocks & their jet engines burn a lot of jet fuel.

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    Al wasn't campaigning when this event took place.

    Even if NBC decided to cover opposing views have any opponents of Global warming created any movies/documentaries/compiled any scientific data they can discuss about on a show?

    If they build it NBC would probably air it!

    You know FOX would!

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    Carbon Credit= Baal

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    There's been all kinds of minority reports concerning the effect of human activity on climate change. The facts however haven't changed. We are in a rapid climate change situation and human activity is a large contributing factor. Nobody has denied that natural events are also taking place at the same time, thus resulting in a 'perfect storm' of, from a human standpoint, a change of climate that will effect every person on this planet. To deny the facts, or to use this issue to denigrate the various messengers, is nonsense. For anyone, no matter how well intentioned to deny that industrial wastes are a large part of the climate change equation is to deny a million data points of scientific research. Science is 'fact' and nobody can deny that reality.

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    First: I wouldn't vote for Gore if he were the only one running.

    Global Warming: To me, it matters not if it is man-made or a natural cycle. We are here now - so no matter where the problem originated, aren't we an intelligent enough species to look in to it and try and provide solutions? Or do we just sit back grabbing all we can for ourselves till the temperature finally kills us all off?

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