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What are alot of recent beefs??

Big names in Rap please.....

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    Gillie da Kid & Lil Wayne

    Lil Eazy E & Kurupt

    Cassidy & 50 Cent

    The Game & Suge Knight

    T-Pain & Ray J

    Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Daz Dilinger & that other Crip gang street

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    -Cassidy has a diss track out on 50 cent and another one dissin lil wayne

    -Gucci Mane got a track out dissin T.I.

    ...i know you said rap but on a r&b note, bobby valentino been takin shots at neyo...go figure, we got the singers beefin now.

    dude below me needs to step into 07....that nas and jay-z beef was 5 years ago; they labelmates now.

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    this aint 2 recent i dont think..but like...50 and Ja, i dont think theres any major publicized beefs now..but how bout that Nas and Jayz beef? eminem and etc..o yea and wasnt it like Paul Wall n Chamillionaire? also Mike Jones was dissin sum1 on a mixtape cant member u can always find that **** on mixtapes search amazon n go 2 gircuit city or fye........or google it..o yea wut bout bow wow n romeo(i hate him)? or master p and some1? cant memeber

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    there is none

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