fix my pc from crashing?

does anyone know something i can download to fix my pc from crashing free

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    if you getting errors since my been crashing also with error you have to get a error fix but it cost you like between 29.95-39.95 just visit here that kinda helps my crash system but if you have a recover system do that first usally you get your files still save but usally sometimes you have install them but you always have to place your Isp address if your internet is DSl mines been doing the same thing lately but that was yesterday i just recover the hole computer from Full Recovery F10 but thats only on some computers but if your crashes are Errors Problem that freeze it might be your computer mouse or you might have to buy Regcure Fix all errrors Problems its kinda like Virus protection but this Regcure Fix all of your error Program since some progam files might be corrupted it will fix least over between 500-1000 errors but sometimes you have to do it couples times but good luck but you keep Regcure like 1 year then they give you like 60 days but keep trying it works for me since my mouse been Freeze every day but now its stop cause whenever my mouse freeze it freezes the computer right up that why i use Recovery but if that not working mabye you can look up on google and type Fix Crashing that might help but not sure really but some unistall might be problems sometimes it will pop up thins like a big RED X even if you unistall some files or remove them from your add+Remove area so yo uhave to kinda watch out since i have a problem since i didnt install Mcafee but some how i keep getting McAffee Red X but i Cancel That Download any way so The Error Regcure Fix that and Made it Dissapear doesnt matter if you have virus protection or adding or removing files but usally you get problems but its only probably errors Crashing

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    Just the usual precautions (virus scan, firewall, windows updates, spyware scan). Regular disk cleanup/defragment/disk check. Uninstall stuff you don't really need.

    Don't click on ever web site and learn what to distrust. If you use any of the illegal file sharing programs you are basically opening up your PC to mischief. In that case the precautions do not help since those programs intentionally disable certain checks.

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