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Rate my fantasy baseball team?

18 team, head-to-head

C - John Buck

1B - Ryan Howard

2B - Mark Ellis

3B - Aramis Ramirez

SS - Orlando Cabrera

OF - Alex Rios

OF - Brad Hawpe

OF - Gary Matthews Jr

Ut - Vernon Wells

Ut - Ryan Braun

Bn - Casey Blake

Bn - Jose Bautista

Bn - Mike Piazza

SP - Felix Hernandez

SP - Chris Carpenter

SP - Kenny Rogers

SP - Dontrelle Willis

SP - Chad Billingsley

RP - Jonathan Papelbon

RP - Billy Wagner

Bn - Doug Davis

Bn - Nate Robertson

Bn - Livan Hernandez

Bn - Antonio Alfonseca

Bn - Carlos Villanueva

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    This looks to be a good team. You do have two players currently on the Disabled List (Piazza & Carpenter). See if you can put one or both of them on the fantasy DL to pick up replacement players. Carpenter is on the long-term DL; he may not be worth keeping at all. If Piazza retakes the A's DH position on a regular basis he will be more valuable than Buck.

    If you are the type to make daily adjustments to your lineup, Casey Blake is a good player to have with his 3-position eligibilty.

    I am not sure if Bautisa is worth keeping--I would look to drop him for a good middle relief pitcher if there are no more closers available. I like to have a set lineup with everyday players and use the extra roster spots for tghe best pitchers I can find. A good middle relief pitcher (Aaron Heilman, Heath Bell, Steve Shields) will get an occasional win or save plus enough strikeouts (4-6) each week to make the difference in the standings. Heilman already has 6 wins. Those wins will help you more than a backup second baseman.

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    on a scale of 1-10 'd give you a 7.5. Probably good for 4th or 5th place in a 10 team league.

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    in case you prefer my truthful opinion, im no longer gonna get terrific answer. your going to grant terrific answer to whoever says "wow ur group is a 10/10 so stable omg i such as you". properly, I must be truthful, your group is according to hazard going to be suffering with to steer away from final place on your league. prince fielder is particularly super, yet ur following few options have been questionable. crawford is stable for regular and steals, yet no longer a lot else. mags is particularly stable too, yet thats approximately it. polanco is a a million stat guy, johjima is a nil stat guy, lowell is getting older, renteria has in no way been that super plus he's getting older. your pitching team has smoltz, hudson, then rubbish. rafael soriano is stable, yet you have in easy terms like 4 stable gamers on your group. my group in a 12 guy league has a-rod, bj upton, garrett atkins, curtis granderson, bobby abreu, hideki matsui on offense, which might in actuality wreck yours. my pitching team is composed of john lackey, fracisco liriano, james shields, that's extra effective than yours too. im no longer in easy terms attempting to gloat, yet i'm hoping your league is a sixteen guy league in any different case your no longer triumphing something except you sign this years ryan braun

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    its ok but there is two guys on the dl and you need a new catcher

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    Nice team. I'd give it an 8.5.

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    probably 9-9.5

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