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immigration to canada?

I am a 45 y. old lebanese national, married, with a 5 y. old daughter, i would like to live in canada with my family, i am in a good financial status, i can support my self and family. i have the capability to start a business or an industry. i am now in the telecommunication business (mobile phones) sales and services, i wish to have informations of the laws and regulations of how to apply for immigrating and what do i need to process. Thanks.

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    Marhaba mega,

    If you were able to type this question yourself, it means you don't need an immigration lawyer, you can fill in an application yourself if you qualify,

    but there's a lot of reading to do at the site the previous answerers suggested, it's the official site: and you don't need another website.


    - If you don't have immediate relatives there,

    so you should apply for Skilled Workers if you have a college degree, or Businessmen if you are rich and can start a business there. Check all categories.

    - If your wife is more educated than you, and she has a university degree and work experience, it might be better if she applies for the whole family.

    - Expect MORE THAN 3 years for your application to be processed, and better to should remain at the same address during that period, because they will send you letters by LibanPoste.

    - You can visit the embassy on Jal-El-Dib highway may be from Monday to Thursday from 1 to 3 (may be, call them to check) and wait in a queue to ask any question about immigration to an officer there.

    - The embassy in Lebanon is Not responsible for processing immigration application, your application will be eventually sent to Syria for processing.

    I can help you more iza btaatineh chi cellulaire min 3indak!

    No.. just kidding, if you have more questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to answer you. :)

    Good Luck!

    it's sad to see that even people who are "in a good financial status" want to immigrate to Canada.

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    Hi Mega C,

    My name is George Laczko, I work at a private Canadian immigration firm. I'm going to try to help you today.

    You are a perfect candidate for this country. Educated, financially stable, and wok experience are qualities that are going to help you. If you apply for a skilled worker category (which, I feel you would qualify from what I gather from your question) would cost you approximately $2000 in government fees and a few years to process. Just make sure that your application, once completed, is spotless because if you are missing information it takes the Embassy a long time to request additional information from you. This would result in longer timelines.

    An other option you could do is to apply for a work permit becaues telecommunications is in hot demand. The way you do this is to find a job offer in Canada and apply for a work permit at a Canadian Embassy. I would advise you to seek professional help to help you file your application unless the company that would be hiring you has their own legal department. You may try to do it on your own but this is one applicaiton you do not want to get refused on. It makes it much more difficult if you have to re-apply. Timelines for this application is 2-6 months.

    Your last option, which many people don't go for, is if you are willing to invest into a provincial program. In most cases you require at least $800,000 global assets and a minimum of $125,000 in cash.

    If you have any further questions please take a look at the government of Canada's website at or if you required private paid assistance, you can contact us at any time. You can speak to Beatrice, who is the head of our department at (416)962-2623 or visit our website at

    Best of luck,


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    here is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web page it includes immigration policies and regulations, on-line forms and other stuff you may find useful

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    1-888-242-2100 is the call centers number for immigration.

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