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How are the siberian husky and the alaskan husky the same?

Help.In behavior preferably.


the breed, not a nickname for the a alaskan mushing dog.

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    "Alaskan Husky" is a generic term for a type of sled dog bred specifically to race. It is often a mix of Siberian Husky, with Indian Village Dog, Pointer, Whippet, etc. depending on what the musher's goals are.

    You do not generally see these dogs as pets. Are you sure you're not asking about the Alaskan Malamute?

    Malamutes are Siberians are very similar in that they are both independent thinkers. Both are outgoing and friendly breeds. Both are food motivated. The Mal can be more dog-agressive, but also cares more about pleasing people than the Siberian. Yes, both require a lot of exercise. Both can be destructive and noisy when bored.

    A good physical comparison of the two breeds:


    Ah, well -- that's what you get for trusting

    I will reiterate. Alaskan Huskies are a *type* of dog, not a *breed* (not unlike the UK's "lurcher"). They have many, many different breeds behind them, depending on what area of the continent you're looking at and whose kennel you're visiting...therefore, it *isn't possible* to definitively describe their personalities. There are too many variables. And in my opinion, only those who race them should own them. They were never bred to be companions. Find me a musher who doesn't agree.

    Source(s): Siberian Husky owner/exhibitor, musher, rescue, breeder. Previous Malamute owner.
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    If you are having behaviour problems it's very likely to do with exercise. These dogs were bred to walk for days on end to rescue people etc. You need to exercise these dogs for a minimun of two hours a day. I walk my Akita for this long. Believe me two hours sounds like a lot. It's the absolute maximum an Akita needs but the Husky dogs can go a lot longer than that. They thrive on exercise. You must be the alpha pack leader also.

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