SWEET,SWEET REVENGE on upstairs neighbors???

Tried being nice,bringing it to them,complaining to management to no avail,calling the cops(hate doing that)TRIED EVERYTHING.I do not need a "take the high road speech"Don't waste your time and mine,please.They walk around in wooden clogs or something,blast their music,argue,they are the loudest people on Earth.I want a SOPHISTICATED AND INCONSPICUOUS method to get their asses.No flaming poo,no eggs or car damage.That's juvenile---I NEED SOMETHING SWEET!I don't have their phone number or first name to sign them up for anything either....MUCH appreciated.

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    Revenge is never "sophisticated" and if it's inconspicuous, then they won't know somebody is taking revenge on them and your point will be totally lost.

    Tell management that you need a better sound barrier in the ceiling between you apartment and their floor.

    And after this, ALWAYS get the apartment on the top floor. Much quieter.

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    4 years ago

    Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Revenge

  • 1 decade ago

    Get a recorder and record the noise you are having to live with.

    Make copies of it.

    Send a copy of it to the owners of the complex you live in along with a note that if they can't get the people to be quieter during the normal "quiet times" - you will be forced to seek help from the courts.

    Send a copy to your lawyer and to the police.

    Get a copy of your lease and see what recourse you have for this problem and do what it says to do.

    You could also play back the noise to them when they are quiet. After all - turn about is fair play????

    If you still don't get relief - take them to court.

    Be prepared to move though. You may have to - and possibly get the cost of moving in your judgement against the owner of the property.

    Perhaps you could win the property and become the owners - then evict them.

    Do you have a news program in your area that does investigation and puts it on the news? Have them to come to your home quietly - without the big trucks and cameras - and "visit" you. Let them hear what you are having to deal with and they can put it on the air. They may even go to the neighbor and confront them - and have that on the air too.

    Wouldn't that be something to see? Tell your whole city what lousy neighbors they are and what lousy apartment managers you have to deal with.

    You can get their address - because you already know it. Do a reverse address look up and get their name. You could get their phone number that way too.

    If your city has the requirement of an occupancy permit before you can live there - then you can go to your City Hall and get the names of the people in that apartment.

    You could post flyers all over the area then - telling people how noisy they are.

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    Be loud and obnoxious when it's inconvinient to them. For example I had this issue with my upstairs neighbors being loud most weeknights until about 2-3 AM and I have to be up for work at 5:30 AM. Every night that they were obnoxiously loud and kept me up, I'd return the favor by turning the stereo on just as loud at 5:30 while I was getting dressed for work (which takes me about and hour). I guessed that since they were up all night it would be completely irritating right when they had gone to bed themselves. It seems to have helped because I havn't had the problem much since then.

    Source(s): I didn;t think about as someone pointed out other neighbors around you, in which case it may not be the best idea to disturb others not involved. In my case however I only have upstars neighbors and no one to the sides. My basic point though as tyrsdottir understood is find a way to effect them in the way that they have been effecting you. A lot of the times a bit of role revearsal makes people understand the problem.
  • 1 decade ago

    Take a large plastic or metal (but you don't want scratches) garbage can, not just a broom or something small at the end, and pound on the ceiling with it about 10 times, about every 10 minutes in the morning before you walk out the door. You may need to stand on a chair so you can give it your all. Do it for at least an hour, every 10 minutes. You don't want to blast your stereo or other loud things like that because you ONLY want to irritate that one neighbor above you. I feel for ya. Sorry I just realized you wanted sophisticated and inconspicuous, my solution isn't that, but it'll make you feel better! By the way, the earlier the better - make sure they are asleep when you begin!

  • 1 decade ago

    Find out the noise laws in your area. Also, consider talking to their next door neighbors beside them and across the hall from them. If they are that loud, then other people will have noticed it as well.

    The more people who complain about them, the better.

    However if you don't know their names and telephone numbers, there isn't much that you can do as far as "sophisticated" revenge goes.

    Talk to the police about what you can do legally to people who constantly violate noise laws.

  • jenni
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    1 decade ago

    You could bang on the ceiling with a broom or have a few loud conversations right outside their door--not really inconspicuous though.

    This next idea is kind of crazy, but what if you recorded the noise they make with a tape recorder, invite them over, have it playing when they get there, then when they ask what it is you can say, "It's you!"

  • 1 decade ago

    Direct your stereo speakers toward the ceiling. Get some step ladders so you can get them about a foot away. Figure out what kind of music they like the most. Play the opposite, loudly. For examples, if they're rockers, play country or classical or even better opera.

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    you could send an anonymous letter, or if you've done all of this and nothing else works i'm afraid you are going to have to drive them out by other means. if calling the cops is the only way to get them...do it. complain to the management until they are that sick of you they move them anyway.one thing i would consider is that the management and powers that could sort this out for you seem to be failing in their duty of care...so maybe you should get what you want off them like they should have sorted for you in the first place...good luck ...

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