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Punk's Not Dead documentary?

This movie features:

The Adicts / Alkaline Trio / Angelic Upstarts / The Anti-Nowhere League / The Ataris / Bad Religion / Bang Sugar Bang / Jello Biafra / Black Flag / The Briefs / The Business / Buzzcocks / The Casualties / Channel 3 / The Circle Jerks / Cock Sparrer / The Damned / Dead Kennedys / DEK / DI / The Diffs / DOA / The Exploited / Funeral Dress / GBH / The God Awfuls / Good Charlotte / Green Day / Billy Idol / The (International) Noise Conspiracy / Iron Cross / L7 / MC5 / Minor Threat / My Chemical Romance / Naked Agression / Narcoleptic Youth / NOFX / The Offspring / Pennywise / Peter & the Test Tube Babies / Pogo Atak / The Ramones / Rancid / Henry Rollins / Scream / Sex Pistols / Sham 69 / T.V. Smith / Social Distortion / Stiff Little Fingers / Story of the Year / The Subhumans / Sum 41 / Texas Terri / Thrice / Total Chaos / TSOL / The U.K. Subs / The Used / Vice Squad / The Voids / X / Youth Brigade / 999..


.. So for a movie that's supposed to be about punk, why are half of these bands crappy emo? What the hell does My Chemical Romance or The Used have to do with real punk? :[

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    EWE why are they in there! :O

    i dont consider them to be punk at all!

    but maybe they used to be on the path of punk untill they became selout emo crap! ?

    i have no idea ! They should not be there!

  • porras
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    3 years ago

    Punk is lifeless, actually. It died in 1995, while Richey Edwards disappeared. in actually actuality, it died in 1980, however the Manic street Preachers resurrected it, then it died back. Any band that asserts to be 'punk' right this moment is purely ripping off genuine punk bands.

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    punk lives on in the heart of the people.

    this movie (which i ve never heard of before) is a sell out not punk coz whoever made it probably accepted loads of money to feature such crap bands.

    so its not punk that is dead but this movie.

    im sure the producer / script writer or whatever knows the difference between lets call them the two types or else he wouldnt hv mentioned such true influential bands.

    is this movie made in America coz it seems to have left out one of the most influential bands ever - cocksparrer

    anyway anyone knows where i can download this documentary??

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    bands like the ramones, rancid, henry rollins (black flag), sex pistols would make sense to be in punk but I agree how does mcr, and all that other crud fall into a punk documentary

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are a few crappy bands that dont need to be up there but w/e. A lot of them are really really good. Theres really not half more like a handful of bands that suck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i agree i thought punk wasnt dead but if there playin **** like green day mcr good charlotte it must be and you dont know how hard it is for me to say that


    punk:was a nice genre of music until mcr and green day come along.they will go to a better place

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    I like both of those bands. But I don't think they are "crappy emo." They're definitely not punk though.

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    MCR is not punk! Why would they insult punk like that? I wouldn't watch that documentary cause of that geez, if that's punk, punk is dead.

  • i consider My Chemical Romance to be punk but not the other this movie made yet?

  • 1 decade ago

    punk rock sucks, rap rules hands down

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