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Which Star Wars game is better?

Star Wars Knights Old Republic Sith Lords or Star Wars Knights Old Republic

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    This one's strictly a judgment call and it's really very difficult to fairly compare these games as they were both completed under very different circumstances.

    KOTOR 1 took a development time of about 36 months from concept to completion. When LucasArts decided to publish KOTOR 2, the original development team decided to focus more on original properties than licenses (hence, Jade Empire) so they suggested Obsidian Entertainment. LucasArts tried to rush Obsidian into completing the game in time for a holiday release, so they only ended up having a development time of about 18 months, roughly half the time of the original game.

    While it's true that they used the same engine as the original, 18 months is hardly enough time to complete a game of that magnitude. As a result, KOTOR 2 seems a little unfinished and, actually, it literally IS unfinished. There have been many cutscenes and pieces of audio dialogue found in the game files that weren't used in the final game. There are plot elements and even an entire planet that were cut as well. Also, the ending kind of leaves you wanting just doesn't quite wrap up like it should.

    KOTOR 1 feels more like a finished product. The story is complete and very well fleshed out. The only problem is that the graphics are a little lacking. With KOTOR 2, they improved the graphics significantly, but the game feels incomplete toward the end. The second game, however, did add a lot of significant improvements over the first game, including more weapons and armor, prestige classes, the ability to influence your companions toward the dark or light side and even train some of them as Jedi, more force powers and more lightsaber options including new colors such as viridian, cyan, silver and bronze.

    All in all, they are both fantastic games and both are worth purchasing especially considering they are both currently available at budget prices. Even if KOTOR 2 is a little unfinished, the journey matters more than the ending, right? And the journey will surely not disappoint you.

    One more thing...

    The storylines between the two games do intertwine a bit, so you should certainly play both games, but be sure to play the first game first.

  • Sith Lords its a better polished game but my favorite star wars games is Jedi Outcast:Jedi academy

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    i havent played sith lords, but i've heard bad reviews for it. if anything, go for battlefront 2, its very fun, unless you want an rpg, then i'd go for the first knights of the old republic. it's up to you, personnal preference. but if your rying to go with the plot line, you need the first one, somehow they are related.

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    This is a matter of opinion really and it might not be an outright answer i think they are both good, and if you were wanting to get one, i would try and get both...

    It's really your decision

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    the first one is AWSOME

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    their all dome

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