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Why does Y!Answers feature confusing questions on the Yahoo homepage?

Sometimes the question/answer chosen to represent the community perpetuates a myth or is just plain wrong.

The following question was featured today and discusses myth of cell phones causing gas fires.;_ylc=X3oDM...

However sensational it is, this highly publicized theory has failed all attempts at scientific confirmation:

Why do you think Y!Answers does this and would it be better to showcase answers that are truly accurate and insightful or (as in the case above) rely on sensation alone?

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    Some of those questions that are featured are placed there as a result of the users on the site giving them STARS. Yahoo Answers Team gave us this option so that we could, in effect, VOTE for which questions we thought were "interesting" enough to post up there. If you have not already done so, you can COMMENT underneath the Best Answer, stating there what you just posted here.

    I find it interesting that someone DID answer that question with the information you have said, plus MOST of the 14 comments currently under the Best Answer ALSO refute that Best Answer vote!

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    Just because something cannot be reproduced in a structured scientific test doesn't mean it cannot happen in a gas station environment.

    I personally do not believe that cell phones cause the explosions. I believe it is cause by static in the person and when the cap is removed from the tank the fumes acquire the proper fuel/air mixture and the static ignites it.

    That said, until I see the scientists risk millions of dollars and their lives conducting many test at a gas station, and not in a controlled lab environment, the cell phone thing is not completely disproved. Therefore, that question is not bogus.

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    It was a question that was asked, and it received many stars. Many different answers were given. If he chose that specific one as best answer, you cannot blame Yahoo.

    Keep in mind this is Yahoo Answers, not Yahoo Facts. If you are seriously concerned about gas station explosions, you should mount a campaign and ask your own questions and choose your best answers.

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    You can squander your wits and go into the bowels of Yahoo and never be seen again.... there is a gigantic vacuum you'll inevitable get sucked into it and R&S people will make you repent.

    If you question Yahoo, it is similar of questioning reality.

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    There is an old news adage "If it bleeds, it leads"

    Even though Mythbusters have debunked this, it will not die (much like Dracula)

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    they show those kinds of questions because then people will be curious to go to yahoo answers and see what people answered.

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