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How much do I need to set-up a solar powered apartment that uses about 500kl/hr of electricity monthly?

My apartment is about 100 sqm and I wanted to supply it with solar power. Estimated monthly power usage is about 500 kilowatt/hr. How much will i need to set up a complete solar power system. Panels and inverters included.

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    Your electric usage is about the same as mine. I could get a 4000 watt system and supply my needs. That size of a system would cost you in the USA about $26,000 installed unless you are dealing with a greedy dealer. The problem you have is you do not own your home so you will not beable to hook the system into the home.

    Here is some info from a website based on 500 kWhrs usage and useing a 3.7 kwh system. Costing around 26K installed.

    Your average monthly electricity bill is : $50.00

    During the last 12 months you spent: $600.00

    During the next 10 years you will spend: $7,285.20

    During the next 30 years electricity will cost you : $32,057.68

    What is the return on your investment (ROI)? ZERO !!!

    Electric bills are not an investment, It is money down the drain.

    Solar is a profitable investment

    You can pay your Electric Company a total dollar amount of $32,057.68 and see a ZERO! return on your investment. Or you can invest money into a Solar Electric System and recive a HUGE ROI.

    Based on the information provided, you would beable to save $5,819.66 for the home owner and $11,186.10 if you are a business owner. Plus you now own your own Elecctric Power Plant.

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    If you use 500 kWhr per month, that's 16 kWhr per day. A typical household installation for solar can provide 5-10 kWhr per day, at a cost in our area of around US $10,000-$15,000, installed. With the kind of usage you mentioned, you would need not a standard household installation, but a mega-solar power station, which would be hugely expensive, and difficult to place since you live in an apartment.

    You would get much bigger return for your money by introducing a lot of energy efficiency measures into your household. Indeed, realistically, if you want to go solar, the very first thing you need to do is get your energy usage down the bare minimum. For a household with a full roof, it's best to get energy usage down to 5kWhr per day or less before you go solar. For small installations, like what you might be able to use with your apartment, you would want your energy usage down to 1-3 kWhr per day. Since you live in an apartment, that really shouldn't be impossible, but you'll need to start thinking hard about your energy choices. You don't have to lower your standard of living at all to use less electricity, but you do need to be mindful of the appliances you choose and how you use them.

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    Depends on where you live. If you live in a desert area, plan on $20,000-$40,000. If you live in an area where it is cloudy a lot, much more if not even feasible. You will need a large battery bank and Generator, as well as a lot of panels. Forget air conditioning and heat from this system. It will not support it, so will need other source for heat.

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    Source(s): Guide To Solar Power - http://Solar.eudko.com/?Szx
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    My question would be is why would you want to give your landlord free solar power for his boilding.?

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