I have dreams of cheating on my boyfriend! someone please help!?

I have dreams about cheating on my boyfriend A LOT. It scares me because i love my boyfriend with all my heart and would never cheat on him. In my dream i think "why am i doing this i love him?" and then cry. What is my dream trying to tell me. Please nothing immature i want someone who knows about dreams and spirituality to tell me why.

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    It's fine your fine. go to dreammoods.com or here is something you might find helpful as well :]

    Dreams about cheating, either being cheated on or cheating yourself, are some of the most commonly reported, and most troubling, dreams there are. Many people take these dreams as prophecies, and accuse their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating in real life. While these kinds of dreams are sometimes valid, most times they are not.

    When a dream of a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend turns out to be accurate, it does not necessarily mean you are psychic. Rather, it probably means that your unconscious mind picked up on some subtle signals that your conscious mind either overlooked or blocked out.

    For instance, things like a sudden change in wardrobe, new cologne or sudden interest in fitness can often signal a cheating spouse. It is possible that your unconcious took note of all these signals during the day, and then used your dream state to send a message.

    In most cases, however, a dream about a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is not about the spouse at all. Rather, the dream is most likely caused by insecurity, anxiety or guilt on the part of the dreamer.

    For instance, dreaming about catching your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse with another partner probably indicates a deep seated anxiety on your part, either worry about your appearance, doubts about your attractiveness, or just generalized anxiety about the future.

    Likewise, dreaming that you are cheating on your spouse or significant other can result from guilt you feel about other issues. In some cases these feelings of guilt are not even related to your relationship.

    Rather, the guilt could be the result of anything from cutting corners at work to cheating on a test to being less than honest with family members. Thus the cheating is only a symbol of guilt you already feel, not a prediction that you will be stepping out on your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Dreams about a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you tend to be fear based dreams. These dreams do not necessarily represent fear of being cheated on, although those fears can come out in dreams. Instead, the fear could be anything, from fear of failure on a project at work to fear of failing a test at school.

    The fear expressed through a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating dream could also be the manifestation of a deep seated childhood fear of abandonment. Children of divorced parents, or children whose parent or parents have died, often express their fear of abandonment through bad dreams, and these dreams can morph into dreams where they are abandoned by a partner or a spouse.

    Even though the issues expressed through dreams of cheating and being cheated on are not rooted in the relationship, it is always a good idea to work through the issues that caused the dreams. That is because the issues associated with these kinds of dreams, issues like trust and fear, are important things to work through. Issues with trust, and fear of abandonment can be very damaging to even the strongest relationship.

    So whether you are the cheater or the cheatee in your dream, it is important to examine the situations you encounter in your dreams. The situations, places and people encountered while in a dream state often represent real people, places and objects, and learning the connections can allow you to correct the situations that are leading to such feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

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    Dreams About Cheating

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    Dreams can come from so many places. It could be that you saw a movie where a boyfriend cheated and then in your subconcious became worried. I think it could also be that you have other fears about the relationship and that would be a way out - becuase you say that you would of course break up with him if it happened. Lastly - it could have something to do with the girls your catch him with. THey are girls you know and trust so maybe it's all about your lacking trust in them as friends. It sounds like you completely trust him and know that there's no cheating involved - so try not to worry about it and be happy with the relationship.

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    Emily G has it covered.

    My extra interpretation is as follows:

    We are all made up of many parts, most of them unconscious, and when the majority of your parts want the same thing, there will always be one or two little parts that don't get heard. Possibly one of these is making itself known in a dream; the reaction you have - to cry - is what you'd expect. So one possibility - consciously you're sure you've made the right choice, unconsciously, a small part of you wishes to still be free and single and in control of your choices.

    How do you stop it? Sit down in a quiet place and talk to it. Tell it you respect what it's trying to do and it's an important part of you, but for now whilst what it's saying has been heard and noted, it's not in your best interest as a whole being to behave in that manner. And it's time for the dreams to stop now.

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    If u love ur boyfriend u shuldnt worry. Dreams can sometimes be triggered by other things maybe some1 u no or in a tv show u watch is cheating or has cheated. Your mind is just taking thier situations and using u and ur boyfriend as characters instead of the original people. Dont think much of it.

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    You dreaming of cheating on your boyfriend has nothing to do with you actually cheating on him. Maybe you are feeling guilty about something that you've done, like cheating on a test or cheating on your diet. Something like that!

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    don't be scared, its only natural,we always imagine crazy things in our sleep,{our brain thinks if i am gonna do this then what is the result?}its just up to you to respond to that thought.you always dream of cheating your boyfriend but in the end you realize what you've done was wrong.your dream is telling you that when you cheat your bf even though you love him a lot,you're gonna regret it.cheer up!

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    Dreams are just your subconscious mind (however its spelled) thinking, their also twisting all of the events and current thoughts around. Perhaps you had the dream because you were thinking about "not cheating on him" and that somehow got twisted into perhaps a thought of somebody else in the past. Face it, im sure you have had a dirty thought about somebody else becides your bf. Its only human. No need to worry unless you have actually had thoughts about that.

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    When you dream about something once, it may be merely metaphorical or have no meaning. However, dreams represent a higher level of the mind that is nearly all knowing and have a dream "every night" always without fail is this profound knowledge coming to you. If this guy is likely being a jerk to you and you need to leave him if he is, because only creeps and scumbags treat women like ****. However, it could be a metaphor for your doing something that is equivelant to cheatin that you wish to stop. In any case, you must SERIOUSLY consider this dream.

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    This has nothing to do with your spirituality! Everyone has dreams about things that are obscure. Why can't you run away from people quickly in your dream? I have dreamed that my son and daughter were trapped in a sinking bus and I couldn't save them. I don't dwell on things I can't control.

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